Are you interested in becoming a famous blogger? If this is the case, then you should consider setting up a WordPress blog. Advance marketers and newbie’s always starts with building blogs that are search engine friendly so as to make money and gain experience in the blogging industry.

There are some sources on the internet that can provide you with product reviews that can help you select the best blogging platform. These platforms such as WordPress, BlogSpot, Typepad and e.t.c are reviewed by independent and experience bloggers who have used the platforms. Product reviews is very important especially to the buyer, this is because it will influence the purchasing power of the consumer to take action.

Majority of highly respected websites provides blogging platform to interested internet marketers. The said programs can be a money making machine for your business especially when you are marketing your business to a competitive market. There are two powerful types of blogging platform that are currently HOT in the market.

The first one is a web-based platform and the second one is through a software platform. These two types of blogging platforms are widely used by internet marketers and online entrepreneurs. When you consider using a software platform which is mostly provided by elite marketers, you will have a bigger advantage this is because the software that you will be using will have all the blogging resources such as:

(a) Keyword Research Tool
(b) WordPress Tools
(c) Marketing Tools
(d) Site Building Templates
(e) Squeeze Pages
(f) Optimized Articles
(g) Adsense Templates
(h) Hosting Platforms
(i) List Building Software

These are just a few benefits you will have. What I like about WordPress blogs is that you can easily dominate any market of your interest, this is because Google, Yahoo and Bing loves WordPress blogs.

The other type of blogging platform is through a web-based program. The said platform is more realistic about internet marketing. Here you will be creating your blog online without downloading any software.

Using a web-based program you will have first hand experience with blog managers who are professional and have lots of experience in your market. These blog managers always provide blogging advice to their users. WordPress blogs works best with:

(a) Newbie’s
(b) College students
(c) Housewives
(d) Advance marketers
(e) Affiliates
(f) Small business owners
(g) Entrepreneurs

and e.t.c. The reason why WordPress blogs are very popular and demanding it’s because they can rank highly in the search engines without spending much time on link building.

To be a famous blogger you need to focus on profitable niches that will maximize your profits. If you take full advantage of the blogging platform, then making profits and enjoying your income will be realized fast.

If you want the best blogging platform that will make you an excellent blogger, you need to make an accurate choice by reviewing the well proven blogging platform that will be profitable to your business. If you want to be a famous blogger and earn more money with your blog, then you should opt for a powerful blogging system that will garner maximum results.

Guest Post by: Bill Achola is accomplished Internet Marketer. Are you interested in online marketing, Internet business, blogs and podcasts? Are you sick of “gurus” trying to sell you the latest get rich quick online deal? Get educated, it’s the key to real online wealth.  Enjoy your new lifestyle you deserve by reading more on Building a Web Site.