Hacking is a big concern for users of WordPress. However, the danger is not present due to weaknesses of the core programming that has made WordPress the product that is loved by so many people today. It is weak passwords and outdated plug-ins that are among the top reasons for security breaches in most cases. Whether you have known people who fell victim to hacking or become a victim yourself, the experience can be quite traumatizing and often feel like a personal attack. Maintaining your IT security when working with WordPress demands exploring the best possible options for security plug-ins that can dramatically increase the protection that you have in place for your content. Below, you will find the latest and greatest security options that are designed to ease your security worries.


Google Authenticator raises the stakes when it comes to password protection for your content. A single password only offers so much protection regardless of just how it good it may seem. Google offers a solution by presenting a two-factor authentication system that can be applied to the log-in process. The primary authentication system is still in place. In addition to this safeguard, you will also be required to provide your Google authentication information as well before you are granted access to the site. The outstanding part of the system is that your Google information changes every time that you access the site. When prompted for your Google authentication, the App that comes with the plug-in presents you with a series of random numbers on your smartphone that acts as your password. This method of security is nearly impossible for hackers to breach.

 Resist the Attack

 A popular method of acquiring user-names and passwords is for hackers to send bots to your login prompt in order to try a wealth of different combinations in a very short period of time to gain access. Weak passwords spell out trouble in these cases. The incessant action of the bots can also cause servers to experience difficulty, sending your site offline. BruteProtect is designed to identify these kind of bot attacks. When repeated attempts at login such as these occur, the plug-in identifies the guilty IP address and restricts its access to your site. The sophistication of the program only begins with this measure. Brute Protect maintains a complete network with all of its clients, automatically blocking IP addresses of known offenders regardless of whether or not they have launched an attack on your site specifically.

All Activity Considered 

Sucuri has developed a security measure that actually tracks all of the activity on your WordPress site. The data includes all instances of logging on and any changes made on your site. Penetration testing (read more here) reveals that any breach in security is automatically identified and logged so that users know exactly what changes were made and how they were accomplished. The program also regularly scans core and backup files for your site, tracking abnormalities. In the event of an attack, this measure allows you to instantly restore files to their original condition.

Secure Themes

Software penetration testing tools have revealed that themes are another major weakness in the architecture. The iThemes Security plug-in offers easy operation for novice users on top of a generous suite of protection. It has the ability to hide administrative pages upon breach and automatically delete information that hackers use to gain access to your site. Additionally, it allows you to toggle each security options on and off as you see fit.