Here I go again! Talking about Fighting Comment SPAM on the blog and how to deal with never-ending stream of attempts to sneak one in! But this time I want to discuss something that I have seen increase lately, maybe just on my blog but still quite annoying:

Foreign Language Comment Spam

Because of the plugins I have already implemented on my blog – automated comment spam is non-existent but I still get a few comments, manually submitted that need my attention, evaluation and finally determination if they should be approved.

WORD OF WARNING TO SPAMMERS: I can click “SPAM” button a lot faster than you can type your comment!

But I have to admit, when a comment comes from someone not native English Speaking and links back to a NON-English site – it is sometimes not very obvious if it is spam or valid comment by someone who doesn’t have a solid grasp of English.

Here is latest example…

First of all – I want to be fair to all commenters on my blog! I want to approve your comment and give you benefit of a backlink, even if your language is not perfect (god knows my own English desires improvements too). And I even approve some comments by accident, since it looks like a VALID comment and even calls me by name – see below:


And quite frankly that Name got me confused at first because it IS NOT a site name, which is often used by these type of spammers. In most cases it would have probably made it through, since on first glance it seems like valid comment but unfortunately for that person I had a bit of time to investigate and eventually send this comment to SPAM!

And here is why…

When I visited the URL provided by commenter – nothing obvious jumped at me and only my curiosity forced me to look a bit more. Interestingly, even without understanding the word, I found that it is one keyword that site is optimized for – see image below:


Hello Mister Spammer! Click Goes The “SPAM” Button!

Was it worth the time I spent on it? To me it was, but I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas on this topic!