wordpress-spoter-help.gifOn November 12 I have posted an offer “Allow Me To Solve Your Biggest WordPress Problem” that quickly became very popular and generated quite a few questions. I have answered most on the spot and hopefully provided solutions to most and then later followed by a post where I go deeper into details on couple problems.

Popularity of this post made me wonder if I can do this on a more permanent bases and help you solve your WordPress problems. This post is the first in a series that will follow and I plan to post it every couple weeks and help you fix whatever issues you might be having with your self-hosted blog…

Obviously with running my own business and providing support to customers I will never be able to address every issue so I want to put some guidelines in place:

  • Your problem needs to be directly related to self-hosted WordPress blog, sorry I don’t use free hosting and don’t believe in them as valuable platform so I will not even spend my time on it.
  • While I can help with some basic coding issues with existing plugins – don’t ask me to code a custom solution. All problems have to work with existing code, interoperability and obviously my answers will be based on my knowledge and ability to solve it.
  • I will do my best to solve your issue and if not able to – I will state so, so please don’t get upset if I don’t provide a solution to your specific problem.
  • I will limit number of questions to max 5 per post and will answer them in form of comment but if a problem is more generic and possibly relates to more people then just you I might create a separate post on it and do a step-by-step walk through or video presentation.

One the conditions met I will close comments for the post and if you didn’t make it in time I can only recommend you watch for my next one and one of the best ways to do it – Subscribe to my RSS feed.

With that been said and if you agree to my terms – post your first 5 questions now!