wordpress_help.gif[tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] is awesome blog platform but as with any script there are many opportunities for things to go wrong. Now add to the mix multitude of plugins that extend functionality and enhance our blogging experience and we are looking at a real issue.

And let’s not forget about the themes available for free download… Can you see what I’m getting to?

I have decided to to give back to community from which I have already benefited so much. I think it will be only fair to at least in some form give back and since technical knowledge is my favorite area, I would like to make an offer…

  • Allow Me To Solve Your Biggest WordPress Problem

Quite honestly I don’t know what exactly will come out from this offer but just in case I would like to lay some ground rules. Obviously this offer will not include me going to your blog and fixing your problem.

  • Instead – do you have an issue that is been bugging you for a while and unable to find solution to it?
  • Do you have a question related to doing something specific with your blog and need someone to outline in details how to get it done?
  • Any other issues I can provide a solution to in form of HOWTO guide shared on this blog …

If your problem within my knowledge – I will post a solution!

Please post your questions via comments and I’ll do my best to provide answers in form of new article dedicated to solving issues that might surface from comments below. One thing you might want to do is subscribe to my feed if you asked a question. This way you will not miss solution to your problem.