Working with WordPress External Link Targeting Process

If you are working with offsite WordPress CMS tool and you prefer to open links in a new tab or on a new window, then you should follow a proper access method to insert hyperlinks that usually requires for users to follow two step:-

Typing the text to link your website to another site.

Highlighting your selected text and clicking on the hyperlink button of your WordPress editor section that is available in WordPress CMS tool to allow user to create external hyperlinks by targeting numerous of WordPress website.

Also is recommendable to use a budget hosting provider, to reduce cost on your website creation, we found that Namecheap was very highly rated.

Next it is recommended to have a thorough check on the box that straight away render users to access the section “Open link in a new window/tab”.

At the time of clicking on the hyperlink in the WordPress content, it will further take you to new window or tab by displaying your content section open in the previous location.

Working with WordPress Internal Link Targeting Process

Well as you are already aware of the fact that at the time of accessing any internal link that works with a domain with an available WordPress website URL, it is specifically suggested that links that are on the same domain and is working on the same site might confuse users while performing any task on it.

One way to avoid this is to host multiple websites in your created sub-folders and link them from one site to another by working either on new tab or on new window panel.

On the other side, working with the content that you want to link to that can be a WordPress content utilities such as pages, posts, categories, custom contents or on numerous on advance taxonomies.

Next, clicking on various existing content by accessing the drop down list and working with various options to easily link to existing content can work as well.

Inserting a hyper-link in WordPress:

  • Access the web page that you want to link.
  • Copy the URL starting with “HTTP://.” symbol
  • Write the text for which you want to create a hyperlink that should be properly described and should avoid the phrase such as “click here”.
  • Select the text.
  • Clicking on “make link” button in WordPress.
  • Paste the URL step by step into the link field.
  • Next, click on Insert button.

Your link should be able to convert into blue button similarly like other links around the web, keep that in mind when building a website. Prefer using WordPress Hotkey to insert any link.

Well, there are various ways to insert a hyperlink into a WordPress site. Here in next section, it will teach you about numerous of WordPress plug-ins:-


Adding a link to the blogroll activates a WordPress link on the sidebar on every page of your WordPress website. For this, one needs to work with blogroll widget in their WordPress website to make it work.

Prefer using a WordPress text of your website instead.

Inline Hyperlink

Another better way is to type a domain such as www dot wordpress dot com to make it look more professional.

You can validate a direct link and can prefer working with www dot wordpress dot com.

Fixing and removing various broken links with Broken Link Checker tool in WordPress

After installing and activating broken link checker tool, it will scan your whole WordPress website. You can further check the scanning progress by accessing the following mentioned option:

Settings > Link Checker from the WordPress dashboard:

Users need to access the following setting option:

  1. Change the frequency of existing link checking process
  2. Set up email notifications to keep track on broken links.
  3. Apply custom formatting process to broken and various removed links.
  4. Stop search engines accessing from following broken links.

Working with existing links of WordPress

  1. Edit your existing WordPress links from your blog’s admin area that will take you to > Links > Edit.
  2. Next step asks you to delete all your links or to change the settings.
  3. To edit a link, click on Edit button that will appear automatically when you will hover over it.
  4. Dying to watch any video tutorials on how to edit various existing WordPress links ? Well for this users need to click on Play Video option on the screen below.

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