social mediaWordPress is known to be one of the biggest and most powerful content management systems and blogging platform around the world. With endless features, great plug-ins and eye-catching themes, this platform have really become the hot favorite of people and businesses around the world. It has a really straightforward dashboard, which makes development and management of websites much easier.

To help you expand your audience base, increase your products & services sale and to get your brand the exposure, WordPress allows you to add social media sharing buttons. You and your audience can use these buttons to share posts and products on personal social media accounts & pages on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Adding these buttons is not enough to get the desired results as you need to make sure that these are placed at the right place and in the right way. You also need to make sure that you use the best icon designs by downloading them from a well-renowned source of social media icons available online.

Top Tips to Effectively Integrate Social Media Icons

You can easily integrate social media icons to your WordPress website or blog using a different method such as coding, using a social media buttons plug-in available or by using the inbuilt widgets available. But you need to understand, how you can effectively integrate social media buttons in your site to ensure maximum post/product share by the audience. Here are the best tips for you to follow:

Avoid In-Content Buttons

When you are adding a social sharing link or button, don’t ever add it in the middle of the content as the audience may find it annoying & may stop reading it immediately. Always make sure to place the icons at places that are more convenient and that don’t hinder the user experience.

Buttons at the Beginning of Posts

Some of you might think that putting a social sharing icon at the beginning of the post is not right as the audience will not share something that they haven’t read yet. You might also think that seems awkward and can hinder the user experience but it actually wouldn’t. Sometimes the visitors on your site or blog don’t have the time to read or check out the whole content but they find the topic really interesting and worth sharing. Thus, just click on the share button to let their friends read it and also, save it for reading later,

At The End of Posts

This is one of the most commonly followed techniques by business and blogging sites. This technique proves more effective if your blog post or information is really eye-catchy and interesting for the users. When a reader or visitor on your site goes through the whole content, they need to be motivated to share the content with their friends. This is why you need to place these icons on the bottom of the post and make it easier for them to share.

Sides of The Posts

Another great way to catch the attention of the readers or visitors on your site is to place the icons on the side of the posts. Make sure that the icon designs are interesting and they don’t hinder the user experience in any way. Use of animations and call-to-actions can really prove beneficial in this icon placement technique.

Use Customized Icon Designs

Social media users see the same classic designed icons every day on official sites and it can really make it boring for them. But if you use customized icon designs that are attractive & eye-catchy, it can always encourage the audience to click and share more. You can easily download custom designed buttons from a reliable source of social media icons available online. You can also get these button designed by a graphic designer or from online logo designing sites.

Use Social Sharing Plug-Ins

There are many powerful and feature-rich social sharing plugins available to be integrated into your WordPress website or blog. Some of the leading plug-ins is Sumo, Social Warfare, Monarch, MashShare etc. By utilizing such plug-ins, you can easily add social media buttons to your site without the need of any code.

Social Sharing Menu/Footer

If you have a very spacious website or blog, you can always add a social media buttons drop-down menu or at the footer of the site for the audience to click and share. This can often make your site look more organized and clean. This can be done through coding as well as plugins.

That’s it!

These are the top 7 tips that can help you to integrate social media buttons to your WordPress website or blog in the finest and most productive way. All these tips have been put forward after extensive research and study as suggested by the experts.