Using a WordPress CMS to build a website for your business will give you the ability to create and publish your site even if you’re not technically sound. In fact, you don’t even need to develop a site from scratch, as you can use a pre-made theme to set up your web presence.

Top 10 million websites are powered by WordPress. And so, if you plan on creating one for your business, you need to make sure that it contains everything that gives it a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Fortunately, there are many useful WordPress plugins available online that can help take your business to new heights (i.e. succeed) in today’s competitive web world. Here are 7 must-have plugins that will help your business gain a competitive edge:


The web world today is increasingly dominated by mobile devices, as more and more users favor to browse the web using their Smartphone and tablets. According to an online report from eMarketer, “the number of Smartphone users globally will reach to 33.8 percent by 2017”. And so, it is important that your site has a responsive layout that could adapt to any screen size or resolution.

Thankfully, plugins such as WPtouch makes the process of making a site fully-responsive a hassle-free task. This plugin immediately loads a mobile-friendly theme when your site is being accessed by mobile users. Additionally, it even offers several great extensions that help in enhancing the browsing experience for your mobile visitors even more.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

In order to increase your website conversion rate, it is important that your site can drive good traffic. And, the most recommended ways to attract viewers’ attention requires optimizing a WordPress site for search engines.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is considered as one of the best plugins that helps in improving search engine rankings of your WordPress site, by helping you write better content, creating an XML sitemap, social integration and much more.

WP Super Cache

The speed of your site can have a significant impact on user experience, and slow page loading time can increase the abandonment rate of your site. Based on a report by KISSmetrics, “nearly 40 percent of users abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load”. However, running a WP site can increase the load time, which results in limiting the traffic and lowers search engine ranking on Google.

WP Super Cache is one of the most downloaded caching plugin that serve cached files (static html files) instead of making the server process the heavy PHP scripts time and again. The best part about this plugin is that it comes with a scheduler that gets rid of all the cached pages at the pre-determined time period.


Despite the growth of social media platforms, email marketing is still considered to be an effective marketing strategy in engaging users with your brand further. Sending email in the form of optin forms is said to be one of the successful ways to convert visitors into subscribers, and into potential customers.

OptinMonster is a premium WordPress plugin that helps build and deploy attention-grabbing optin forms instantly for your site. This plugin comes loaded with many advanced capabilities, which includes page level targeting, A/B testing, integration with major email marketing software, etc.

WP Review

Regardless of the size of your business website, giving users the ability to write reviews is an excellent way to improve your business presence in today’s wobbly online marketplace. Now-a-days, the purchase decisions are largely influenced by what other users are saying about your business and its offerings. Simply put, making review acquisition can help promote your business by improving user interaction.

WP Review plugin help in adding review posts to a WP website, and provides a variety of customization options. It offers to use percentage ratings, stars or points to allow visitors to provide a score to reviews posted on your site. This is a free to download plugin ideal to be used by content review sites.


The burgeoning popularity of WordPress makes it a favorite target of hackers. Every now and then, you can hear about the security vulnerabilities found in a WordPress powered site. Remember that not all hackers are trying to steal your data, since it has been observed that the majority of the hackers try to send spam emails through your server. This could result in making your IP address blacklisted by all of the niche email services.

However, using the Akismet WordPress plugin, you can get rid of spam comments. The plugin automatically checks out all the comments and filter out the ones that appears to be a spam.


In case you want to create a WordPress powered blog or a content-heavy site, you must search for ways that can help in increasing your content visibility. The more your content will be shared, the more followers you get and thereby expands your business reach to a wider targeted audience base. Perhaps, you may think about adding social media icons or buttons to increase your share count.

Of course, integration of social media buttons helps increase the chances of getting more shares on your site or blogs, however, another viable alternative requires adding sharing buttons in the sidebar section of your blog (or site). This is where the Sharebar plugin comes in handy. It helps in adding a vertical box to a blog page left side containing sharing buttons of the most popular social media sites.

Wrapping Up

Creating a solid web presence via your WordPress business site is not an easy task, in fact, it can turn out to be quite challenging for startups. Fortunately, there are several great WordPress plugins out there that can help give your business site an edge over the competition. Here, in this post I have talked about 7 highly useful plugins, you should ignore when setting up a WordPress powered business website.

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