Usage of the WordPress plugins on your blog is highly subjective matter since no blog is the same. In fact I always advocate using as few plugins as possible to achieve the results you want and offer functionality you target market expects.

But reality is – sometimes we don’t even realize that functionality we are looking for is already implemented by someone and is available in form of simple plugin. And all you are left to do is make decision – Just How Badly You Need This Functionality?

While digging through the latest released WordPress plugins in search for one very specific function I was interested in for one of my Niche Blogs – I have run across 5 Plugins that could be used to HUGELY boost your blog success by providing more functionality, not available otherwise.

So here they are in No Specific Order:

Links Page – Boost Your SEO

Links Page plugin is simple in its design and I think one of the perhaps most useful to bloggers, although too often overlooked. Idea is very simple – instead of having your blogroll seen on each and every page of the blog, which some SEO Experts said can damage your SEO – create a Separate Page designed to do one thing and one thing only – show relevant links.

Great option for Manual Link Building effort, which nobody have discontinued yet as effective means of SEO boost. Using it as simple as creating a page dedicated to links exchange, add short-code to it and then just build blogroll as you normally would:

links page plugin

WordPress Ultimate Toolkit – Boost Your Relevancy

Any time you can somehow present to your readers extra content relevant to what they are currently reading, enhance their engagement and participation with your blog – you have a lot higher chance of them coming back to your blog!

WordPress Ultimate Toolkit plugin does just that – allows you to give readers access to relevant content depending on what they are reading now, as well as boost Commenters! And while it has more functionality then what is mentioned above – I think it deserves evaluation just on this merit alone. See image below, as it is self-explanatory:

wordpress ultimate toolkit

As you can see – relevant posts are shown ONLY on single content pages. Great way to present more reading to your visitors!

LiveHelpNow Help Desk – Boost Your Reader Engagement

LiveHelpNow Help Desk is actually a full suite of tools that allows you to integrate a full-fledged support system into your blog. I think it can become a major separator from competition if you choose to offer this type of support to your readers and visitors.

While it might not be applicable for every type of blog – it should do wonders for people who are into Coaching, Mentoring, Network Marketing to boost authority status and increase number of leads!

LiveHelpNow Help Desk

Static Feed – Boost Your RSS Load Speed

Static Feed plugin is not for everyone and will not work on hosts that have mode gzip disabled but if you host support it – you can gain some speed on page load, RSS and XML feed page load that is as unnecessary queries to database are removed.

Think of this plugin as WP-Super Cache for your RSS 🙂

RSS No More – Boost Your RSS Interaction

I always prefer to display a Full RSS Feed from my blog, meaning that entire content from each of my blog posts is made available to my readers. I believe that readers who choose to sign up for my feed do so to take advantage of convenience it provides and I don’t mind if they don’t have to visit my blog to read full post.

Opinions on this subject split pretty much down the middle and many prominent bloggers don’t allow Full RSS Feed in order to have you coming back to the blog every time.

I think RSS No More plugin allows to somewhat bridge the 2 and while providing only partial feed – it cuts off the content display at same place where you placed “MORE” tag, making your RSS Feed similar to your blog home page.

It basically gives more content to a person to allow him or her make more educated decision on whether visit to blog is needed to read the rest than “castrated feed” provided by WordPress when you choose to show excerpts.

Once again – this is just my opinion but this plugin CAN BE helpful to you.