Considering the Internet’s short life cycle, it’s a testament to the quality of WordPress and their ability to adapt that it is still the best blogging platform. With WordPress, just about anyone can have a blog featuring cats, wearing funny hats, up and running in time.

Sometimes inspiration strikes or inappropriate comments need to be moderated when you are away from your computer. Fortunately, there are plenty of great mobile applications that allow you to manage your WordPress site while you are on the move.

Here are five of the best applications to manage your WordPress on your phone:

WordPress Mobile App

You shouldn’t be surprised to see WordPress’s own mobile app at the top of our list. Of course the talented developers behind the WordPress blogging platform also designed a robust mobile application.

WordPress’s mobile application is available on Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Nokia operating systems. It delivers impressive functionality with an intuitive design. WordPress’s application makes it easy to browse comments and make necessary edits or replies. If you have the enviable problem of being inundated with comments, bulk moderation is a snap.

Being able to moderate comments on the go is necessary in today’s accelerated world, but the WordPress mobile app gives the luxury of making beautiful posts with ease. Users can write posts, spell check, add links, and insert photos on their phone without knowing any HTML. Writing a long post? Turn your iPhone sideways and enjoy the widescreen layout. Don’t forget to tap the geotag icon to share your location on a map.


WpToGo is a great alternative to WordPress’s own mobile application for Android. An easy to use interface allows Android users to write posts that include hyperlinks, bolding, and quotes. Comments are easily managed, giving power to approve or delete directly from your phone. Need to manage more than one blog? Not a worry – you are only a couple clicks away from being a multitasking blogging pro on the go.


iPhone users looking for a WordPress alternative should head to the Apple store and download BlogPress. This mobile app couldn’t make it simpler to create beautiful text-image mixed layouts. After a few clicks, you can place a photo anywhere on the page. Want to insert multiple YouTube videos or links? BlogPress has you covered.

More advanced BlogPress features include draft auto saving, preview options; add labels and categories, and even emoticons. If you manage blogs across multiple platforms, BlogPress will save you time by allowing you to send the same post to multiple blogs with one click. BlogPress also supports Moveable Type, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, and Joomla.


Like BlogPress, HootSuite is a useful mobile application for WordPress users that also publishes on other platforms. HootSuite is a social media dashboard that originally focused on the social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In 2010, it launched WordPress integration. The HootSuite mobile application makes it simple to cross-post across multiple WordPress accounts. Use the “Home Feed” to track your favorite blogs, and effortlessly reblog posts that you know your readers will love.

Functionality to write posts and manage comments is there, but HootSuite is the right choice for heavy users of Twitter and Facebook. Twitter trending topics are explained, tweets are easily auto-loaded, and there is a plethora of plug-ins available in the directory.


iBlogger works with most major blog hosting services, but it created optimized plugins for WordPress. iBlogger is a powerful but simple to use iPhone application to manage your WordPress site. If your posts are photo heavy, iBlogger makes it simple to upload and edit photos. It is simple to add captions, geotags, and categories from anywhere that you and your phone may be.

Did we leave out your favorite mobile application for managing your WordPress on the go?

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