As a developer-friendly and completely versatile content management system(CMS), WordPress has been used to power millions and millions of websites. But, security has always been a huge concern among WordPress website owners who are concerned about their site getting attacked by hackers. If you too are bothered about the hacker-proof status of your WordPress blog/website, this is a blog that will help you out. Here, I’ve created a round-up of some simple techniques that will help you in keeping your WordPress web portal safe and secure.

Refrain from using defaults for your WordPress website

Under a majority of cases, the hackers use defaults for implementing a brute-force attack. Hence, it is recommended to refrain from using the default username and password when it’s about the hosting account or software installation. Do remember to change the username and password for the website’s content management system as well as the hosting account.

Get clean, bug-free WordPress themes and plugins

Buggy themes and plugins serve as open doors for website hackers simply because they provide a convenient access to your website’s admin area. It is a poorly-coded WordPress theme or plugin that can allow a hacker to make unwanted alterations to your website. Hence, it is important to download WordPress themes and plugins from a trustworthy website only. Some popular websites which can be accessed for clean WordPress themes include Themeforest, Elegant Themes etc. For best quality WordPress plugins, CodeCanyon and WordPress Repo serve as excellent options.

Don’t forget to backup your website

Your best defense against hackers is to backup your website. That means, even if a hacker is successful in gaining access to your site’s admin panel, you can conveniently wipe out the site clean, change all your access usernames/passwords and restart the security for your website. You can go ahead with a manual backup of your website as it would turn to be a cost-efficient affair.

Keep your WordPress website updated with the latest version

There’s no doubt on the fact that websites which use an outdated version of WordPress are likely to get attacked by hackers. It is recommended to upgrade your site to a latest WordPress release. Additionally, you can also choose to hide your current WordPress version that’s otherwise displayed within the header tag.

Delete all the unused images and plugins

Plugins and images consume a lot of space on your web server, making your website susceptible to numerous security risks. Hence, it is recommended to get rid of all the unused images and plugins that you aren’t using anymore. Ensure that only the useful images and plugins exist within your WordPress website. This wouldn’t put load on your server and hence increase your site’s performance by an impressive level.


Unethical hackers can easily drive away pleasure from your website visitors’ user experience. By following the aforementioned tips and tricks, it can get a lot more convenient for you to protect from WordPress website from nasty hacking attacks.

Guest post by:  Savy Nacion, working as a technology specialist in HTML to WordPress theme service providers company, based in Rochester, New York. With over 10 years of experience in the technology domain, I aim at bringing new and innovative technology solutions to the company to help it keep thriving in the industry.