WordPress is one of the most powerful Contents Management System. Out of billions of websites on the internet, most of them are powered by WordPress. The question arises why? It is because it is insanely user-friendly and this is the biggest reason for them all.

WordPress empowers so many users to publish their blogs. There are so many of niches on which WordPress is ideal. Anyone can actually work on WordPress. Here in this post, I am going to focus on the writing industry. How writers can improve their productivity in content with the help of WordPress Plugins. Let’s see those five top WordPress plugins which can actually improve the content productivity,

1. MyCurator

MyCurator is a free WordPress plugin, that will help you come up with new blog post ideas and all these come up in the super simple way and automatically.

MyCurator will thoroughly search the internet and then come up with the most trending idea of the day. Also, that idea will be relevant to your website. After this, it feeds it back to your dashboard and provides you motivation to write on the topic.

The best part of the plugin is there will be a feedback of yours whenever this plugin will suggest you any blog post idea. You can either show thumbs up or thumbs down. With your response, it eventually picks what you likes and dislikes and with the passage of time the post ideas evolve and get as same as you like. This is one of the biggest solutions a content marketer face on daily basis.

2. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a wonderful all in one content marketing plugin. This plugin is well known for its features that make content scheduling quite an easy task for a content marketer. Allow me to explain,

Now, suppose that you are working on a post and suddenly you get an idea from that post how to handle a social media campaign for that. CoSchedule provides an add-in notepad to keep track of the idea that strikes you without disrupting your post writing flow. This keeps you in the timeline and makes you more efficient in a blog posting and social media campaigning.

CoSchedule plugin has a super easy user interface. This will help your teammates to collaborate and communicate effectively. For a team, it is easier to assign tasks, have to chat in the native UI and set reminders about the posts.

I quote that CoSchedule is one of the best content productivity tools. There is a free trial of 14 days if you want to test their plugin. After that, there is a monthly cost which is totally justified amount to pay. If you really want to improve your content productivity then you must give CoSchedule a shot.

3. Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP)

Well, the name seems to be strange but it is one of the best plugins in its division. As the name suggests, this plugin empowers you to select better-related post to your current blog post. It has a very Avante-Garde related content post algorithm. It not only just scan for the title, but also tags, body keywords, and categories when brings up links for the related content for a specific blog post.

You can also add your own inputs in the algorithm to get more refined links to the blog post. It also allows you to showcase the related post in two view types. One as thumbnails and second as a list view.

With such awesome feature “Yet Another Related Post Plugin” is a decent plugin to do this job.

4. Just Writing

Just Writing, as the name suggests, it is a plugin to avoid all the distractions from your screen. You all must know that there are so many other plugins are available which provide the same feature. So, why this?

Well, the problem with most of the Distraction Free Writing mode is they have nothing except a blank screen. Hey wait, isn’t this the very purpose of this mode plugins. Yes, but what if you want a little more than that like a spell check and some formatting options then this is the perfect tool for that.
The features I quote are,

  • Option to remove the fade effect and keep the toolbar visible
  • Option to hide or lighten the border on the title/body areas
  • Adds an optional Preview button to the right of the Save button
  • Moves the exit link to the right of the new Preview button as a real button
  • Reorders the button list to make more sense
  • Per-user preferences for enabling Just Writing
  • Per-user preferences for which buttons to display

These are the features worth noting of the DFW mode plugin Just Writing.

5. Editorial Calendar

This is a WordPress plugin which proves to be the best calendar for those who have editorial tasks. To be on the honest side, I mentioned this plugin because I am aware of the fact that not everyone can afford CoSchedule. This WordPress plugin that is the reason is very crucial for those who don’t have CoSchedule. Spoiler alert, this plugin is free of cost.

Yes, you heard it. This plugin is free of cost and it is very resourceful when it comes to scheduling blog posts. However, there is one downside of the plugin as it cannot schedule social media posts.

You can declutter the article in such a way as those which are yet to be schedule can stay together and those which are scheduled are scheduled. It is a very resourceful editorial calendar for those content marketers which are just starting up.

Wrapping it up
Well, these are the plugins that are very important to improve your content production. For any website or blog, content is always the key to getting more traffic. Even, the business website keeps a section of blogs under their business website. So, it is very important to keep up with your content as the market trends tend to bend spontaneously.

I hope you like my post. Please share it to spread the word. If you have any suggestion, I would love to hear from you. Till then, have a good one.

Author Bio – This post is submitted by Jason Daszkewicz. He is a Senior WordPress developer for Wordsuccor Ltd. where he can be found delivering custom WordPress plugin development services with his team of 35 WordPress experts. Jason has been associated with Wordsuccor for last 5 years and providing optimum solutions for WordPress websites. You can follow his company on Twitter or Facebook!