4 Things to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Business

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your site can be quite overwhelming. Moreover, you’ll have to commit to whatever you choose and committing means just that – making a commitment. You can rest assured that no matter how perfect or how unfitting your WordPress theme is, you’ll going to be sticking with it for a while. This is why it’s so important to think long and hard before opting for a certain one. With this in mind, we present you with 4 things to consider when choosing a WordPress theme.

Get in touch with what you actually want

The problem with browsing and reviewing themes is the fact that you will likely be overwhelmed with the sheer beauty that will appear on the screen. You might even feel tempted to simply download and even buy a theme that appears the prettiest to you. It is important, however, that you refrain from doing this. You should understand which features you really need. What you need to do is jot down these questions on a piece of paper and hold it right in front of you while browsing for WordPress themes:

  • How much content do you expect your site to contain?
  • Is eCommerce functionality something that you will need?
  • Is your aim a responsive site, that works on mobile devices?
  • What are the most important items that are to be displayed on your home page?
  • What direction will your site take if it starts changing over the course of the next six months, next year, etc.?

Match your theme with your content…

…and never the other way around. Under no circumstances should you try to make your site’s content match what you’ve seen in a theme’s demo, just because it looks so beautifully arranged. Keep in mind that these demos are made so that you want to buy their stuff. The main trick is to look at a theme’s capabilities and try and imagine how it will fit with the content you’re going to have. You’ll have to dig a bit deeper than the demo. Keep an eye out for themes that offer trial runs; if the shoe fits… well, you know.

Flexibility and functionality

Once you start browsing for WordPress themes, you’ll quickly realize that the vast majority look really nice on the front-end. Well, if you think that the search is over once you’ve found a particular style that matches your taste and the general vibe of your site-to-be, you are wrong. Functionality and ease-of-use within the WordPress are the pillars of what makes a theme perfect.

Firstly, you should consider page layouts. Think about how easy it will be to do mundane tasks, such as changing the number of columns, sidebars, etc. for different pages. The key to a properly chosen theme is optimized hosting – everything that makes running WordPress a breeze.

Secondly, think about how tweakable a certain theme is – will you be able to change a few basic items, such as the site logo, link colors and so on?

Lastly, look for themes that have custom styles for the plugins you’ll be using, unless you don’t mind the plugin’s default styles (which you definitely should).

Think about the future

You need to realize that the theme you install today should be able to evolve with the rest of your site – the worst thing that can happen is the theme dragging your progress back!

For example, although you might be starting small, with just a couple of pages, chances are that you may want to start adding more content. If your chosen WordPress theme doesn’t allow this, or if it makes it difficult, you’ll be in a world of trouble. Once again, you do not want something as trivial as your WordPress theme dragging you down!

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