Having crossed the toddler years in using WordPress you are eligible to shed the tag of a beginner. This is the stage when you feel confident in using the versatile features of WordPress applications and might be keen to proceed further. Considering that your next goal would be to see you in the role of a developer, you must be on the lookout for suitable education that is available from various WordPress courses available online.

The internet is flooded with online courses that teach WordPress but the irony is that most of these courses are meant for beginners. The ideal courses in advanced learning are not available in plenty. WordPress users who are in search of quality online education for the advanced stages might find a hard time to locate these easily. Based on a research of online WordPress courses, four courses have been discussed in this article. The courses have been chosen with the purpose of educating WordPress users who are keen to cross the intermediate level and also meant for those who want to qualify for advanced learning.

Course highlights

Although the courses are different from one another there are some common criteria that have been fixed when choosing these listing. The course designs are in the form of formal training programs in that these are well structured specifically meant for WordPress users without any frills and are aided by multidimensional resources like discussions, audio tracks, videos, articles, and projects. This means that the courses that have been selected with you in mind, just the stuff that you are looking for to emerge as a WordPress developer.

JavaScript for WordPress

  • Purpose – The purpose of the course is to teach JavaScript in- depth and prepare candidates for building JavaScript applications on WordPress.
  • Eligibility -That you are ready to enroll for an advanced course in WordPress, is an indication about your readiness with HTML, CSS, and PHP and it can be assumed that you are comfortable with it. However, it is the only JavaScript that you do not know. If you are falling short of the eligibility criterion, then it is better to complete a WordPress development course to become eligible.
  • Topics covered – From JavaScript programming to JavaScript libraries and framework you are taught about everything. How to connect WordPress with REST API and projects related to real-life applications of JavaScript on WordPress are all included in the course.
  • Methodology – The course is still under development and is being gradually scaled up every week. The course takes time to cover and is self-paced for which students have to devote time to get inside it. Disciplined learning with devoted hours is what is required to reach to the bottom of the course and you have to patiently wade through the course content over a few months to get a grasp of it.

Bachelor of WordPress at The Academy

  • Purpose – To present a comprehensive course in preparing full-fledged WordPress developers who will learn the ropes of WordPress so as to enable them to run a business in WordPress.
  • Eligibility – You need to be a WordPress user having qualified for a certain level. From beginners to intermediate level all are eligible for the course because in the end you are supposed to be transformed into a WordPress developer.
  • Courses offered – Different courses have been developed in order to make users ready for any specific level of WordPress competency. Courses are available for beginners as well as intermediate users. For those interested in starting a WordPress business, there is a special course captioned as Dream Small, Market Big and Don’t Do It This Way. A course named WordPress Multisite Master Class is also available for advanced learners.
  • Methodology – The courses are designed in such a way that the shortest takes 5 weeks to complete and it takes 9 weeks to complete the longest one. The courses are structured on modules that are introduced every week. The learning process is aided by resources like video presentations, discussions, quiz and reading assignments. It is mandatory to cover all aspects of one module before moving on to the next one. The courses conclude on completion of a final assignment after which a certificate is awarded.

Evanto Tuts+

This is a well-known name in web education and tutorials. Training courses are offered on specific WordPress topics that are conducted by renowned WordPress experts.  The courses are short and crisp lasting for a few hours unlike the comprehensive learning that the earlier courses offered.

  • Purpose – The courses are best suited to meet the ongoing learning needs of WordPress professionals. The focus of learning is on specific skills and not the basic education in WordPress.
  • Training topics – Customize your WordPress Admin Pages, Make Your Codes ExtensibleWith Hooks and Functions and Write Customizer- Ready WordPress themes are some topics on which training are offered.
  • Methodology – The training programs are all self-paced that gives flexibility in learning. Reading content, discussing it in forums and watching videos are some of the methods of learning that are used. The method of learning is quite similar to what you could expect from a private tutor.

Pippin’s Plugins

This course offers the unique opportunity of learning from professionals who have created WordPress plugins that we all know about. The courses specifically cover the topics related to the development of Plugins. There are video tutorials, links to related content and various references to articles from the web that are used for training. You can learn in-depth about plugins by taking up the self-paced programs of your choice that are designed for instant consumption. There are twelve different courses that you can choose from. Some of the topics are – Plugin development 101, Unit Tests for WordPress plugins and Shortcodes 101 for Plugin Developers. Some of the tutorials are free while video tutorials are chargeable but you just need to pay $6 a month.

There are several online WordPress courses at different costs that can be pursued to fulfill your dream of becoming a WordPress developer.

About the author – Thomas Sujain is a web developer who is also a passionate blogger. She is so much engrossed in web development that she can never resist the opportunity of playing the role of a private tutor for aspiring developers. A workaholic, she hardly finds time to think beyond the subject that has helped him to earn her livelihood.