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Many bloggers get frustrated sometimes when working with the built-in editors of WordPress. The code editor does not provide enough options to make you post look the way you want it and the WYSIWYG-editor can also be annoying in many ways.

But there´s no obligation to use either of them as there are several third-party tools to replace the built-in editors of your WordPress blog. I´d like to introduce 4 of which I have tested and found them better to use.

Windows Live Writer:

This is a FREE standalone application. It includes many features like image handling and also provide WYSIWYG writing. It supports not only WordPress – and Live Spaces of course – but also many other platforms like TypePad or Blogger.


Advanced TinyMCE editor:

Pplugin this time, but also FREE. If you like WYSIWYG functionality, this is the one for you. I have found no other tool which provides more of them.



Another FREE standalone tool. This is perfect for traveling bloggers as you can write your posts offline with full supprt of all needed functionalities and upload them, when you get back online. Easy to use and even supporting multiple blogs. Very cool.



For the last – another standalone tool for FREE. I like this one the most, because of its side features. BlogDesk lets you handle your technorati tags for your posts as well and even provides image handling including resizing, rotating and image crops.


If you want to use a new editor, this is my recommendation. Give it a try, it´s free.