I love Internet for providing us with wealth of resources that help us develop better blogs and as result gain more or achieve our goals faster. But finding tools you can use and understand what exactly they are telling you can be challenging.

In this post I want to share 3 webmaster tools that will help you improve your blog performance and do my best to explain what they should be used for.

Let’s dig-in…

1. Is My Blog Working?

I loved the concept behind this one small, nifty tool – http://ismyblogworking.com.

ismyblogworking screenshot

Alone with providing some important details at the very top, such as availability or robots.txt and feed and presented me with list of potential problems.

I have shown with arrows that my server is not compiled to do gzip compression of the pages and as result pages are uncompressed with size of 45,044 bytes that takes an average of 469 ms to download.

While I’m fully aware of info provided above as gzip disabled for very specific reason on my server – for many of bloggers it might come as surprize and enabling it via plugins will greatly improve your visitor’s experience!

2. Search Engine Optimization Analysis Tool

http://www.seoworkers.com/tools/analyzer.html – while might be not most accurate, this tool will still present you with a lot more details on your blog post SEO aspects then you might have bargained for 🙂

Please remember that this tool is created for web pages analysis and you shouldn’t attempt to match all parameters to blog post. For example – number of outgoing links for blog post with any number of comments will considerably higher than tool can handle without severe panic!

As long as you are aware that some things will not be applicable – it can be quite useful for identifying some issues, such as one I show in image below:


3. Who Is Talking – Social Media Search Tool

http://www.whostalkin.com/ – this one is great to learn where your name or your blog URL is mentioned. Unless you are using Google Alerts to identify all the mentions of the above or in fact ANY topic of your choosing – this one works fairly nice.

Using it I actually found some looser trying to blast me in comments to some other blog. Obviously disregarded as worthless rubbish that doesn’t deserve more attention that I already given to it but interesting what you can learn!


Just enter your blog URL, your name or whatever other options you choose and see who is talking about your blog or perhaps even yourself!

Just remember – any tool you find is only as good as how you choose to use it! Happy hunting!