Beauty of WordPress is its infinite extendability through adding new functionality without knowing any coding or html. Simply find plugin that delivers the options you need, install it, configure as advised – and Voila! Your Blog Extended!

Today I want to discuss 2 plugins that will help you Get More From Your WordPress Blog:

  • More Subscribers
  • More Sales

And all of it will be done without you needing to dig too much into code! Got to love it!

I’m a huge fan of aweber as it is responcible for pushing me from the status of internet marketing as a hobby into a serious online business! But since I started to blog – aweber became even more useful as it allows me to deliver relevant content via Blog Broadcast, which is how many of you reading this post learned about it!

Problem is – getting subscribers to your blog broadcast and your email list requires that you have a subscription form available and easily accessible and integrating it into many WordPress themes is a hard task.

MaxBlogPress Aweber Optin Form Plugin comes to the resque

Using a simple wizard interface it allows you to EASILY add optin form to Any Theme! Just see an image below, courtesy of MaxBlogPress:


I’m not going to repeat all the explanation on install and configuration as author done an excellent job on it and it is a FREE Download! So go get it!

And now that you have a way to retain your readers attention – you need an easy way to monetize your blog. And to help you with that I want to share a plugins that allows you to easily integrate eBay actions into your WordPress blog and Do It For Free!

TWP Actions WordPress Plugin

It is actually more then just a plugin and can be easily integrated into any dynamic page but what interests us is its ability to simply drop the files as described into your blog root folder and than insert some code into the individual post and your actions will appear!

That is all there is to it!

It does require an additional plugin PHP-Exec to be able to use it but if you have a blog built via Expert WordPress – its already included! And if you don’t – Why Don’t You? Expert WordPress installer is still FREE!

And for the paying memebrs of EWP we will be soon presenting a video detailing the installation and configuration of TWP Actions plugin, to ensure that process is smooth and automated!

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