As one of the most popular blogging platforms ever, WordPress is a convenient and powerful solution for publishing to the Web. As blogs grow and as bloggers get busier, they have less time for routine behind-the-scenes tasks like managing old posts, cleaning up code, or managing databases. Fortunately, WordPress can be customized and scaled with user-selected plugins that help make it easier to manage.

Plugins can help adapt WordPress to bloggers depending on their individual needs to make their time more profitable by converting management time into revenue-generating blogging time. The following list presents 10 essential timesaving WordPress plugins for you to try.

1. Pages+

WordPress pages become more difficult to manage as they increase in number. Pages+ provide bulk page management that solves that problem. This plugin saves you time by allowing you to define page order and categories on many pages at once. Pages + also provides for the addition and deletion of pages. When installed, this plugin replaces the page admin section inside the WordPress dashboard with a powerful and easy to use page management interface.

2. Tweetable Twitter

WordPress users who Tweets know how much time it takes to tweet all their WordPress blog posts. By adding the Tweetable Tweets plugin, WordPress users will automatically tweet every new post without any extra time or effort. The plugin even allows you to choose your preferred short URL service.

3. SmartVideo Plus

By enhancing WordPress into a robust Content Management System (CMS) for videos, Smart Video takes the hassle out of embedding videos into your WordPress blog, saving you precious time for other things. SmartVideo Plus enhances the look of your blog too by displaying thumbnails rather than video player boxes on your blog. Even better, SmartVideo Plus helps with SEO, helping your titles and tags to be readily found via Google and other search engines.

4. Sticky Post

Sticky Post saves bloggers time by making it easier to add the same content to the top of blog all your posts. No longer do you have to modify each post by hand or spend your time hacking WordPress themes to do this. With this plugin, you can easily add an important message or article to the beginning of every post so your visitors won’t miss it, all through a time saving interface. Sticky Post works by adding one custom field to the post you want to “stick” and you’re done!

5. Post Ideas

This fantastic plugin isn’t very fancy, but it saves a lot of time by helping WordPress users manage their drafts. In fact, you can enter your rough drafts or blog ideas without creating an unmanageable mess in your blog’s dashboard. This is great for brainstorming through an easy to manage prioritized list of all the writing ideas you want to develop for future use.

6. WP-DB Manager

For bloggers that spend a lot of time ‘under the hood’ of WordPress, the WP-DB Manager plugin is a lifesaver as well as a time-saver. This makes managing your WordPress database an easy task. This plugin adds a new ‘Database’ tab to your dashboard and allows you to backup, optimize, and manage your blog’s underlying database with ease, all within the WordPress administrator’s login.

7. Adrotate

Those who monetize their WordPress blogs often spend too much time managing advertisements. Adrotate is one of the easiest and most powerful banner management plugins that saves time by rotating advertisements, setting expiration dates, managing groups of ads, and tracking advertising clicks. Do all this from a handy interface found in your WordPress dashboard.

8. Search and Replace

When names, email addresses, or URLs change, they can leave a lot of embarrassing broken links on your blog. Manually updating these items took a lot of time in the past, but now the Search and Replace plugin makes it fast and easy. A user-friendly interface lets you set parameters for the data you want to manipulate. Once you fill that out, just enter the information you want to replace and the information you want to replace it with, press a button and you’re done!

9. Tidy Up

Many WordPress users spend too much time updating HTML into optimized XHTML to make blog posts, pages, and comments load faster and display properly in visitors’ browsers. The Tidy Up plugin streamlines this process by locating problems and updating code automatically all from a convenient user interface.

10. Mass Post Manager

You’ve been blogging for years and have thousands of posts to deal with every time you change your categories or manage comments. Don’t spend hours doing this manually! Mass Post Manager allows you to bulk-apply new categories, delete comments, and perform other routine tasks on large numbers of posts at once. Keep an eye on this plugin too, because even more features are expected to be added in the future that will make WordPress management even easier.

This guest post was written by Tom Walker, a designer and blogger working with a provider of ink next day anywhere in the UK. He edits and contributes posts to their blog on the subjects of advertising art and print media design.