Win products worth $483 by participating in WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er Contest!

contest.gifStaying inline with my New Year resolution I’m announcing a Contest that gives you a chance to win some very unique prizes. But what perhaps is even more important it gives me a chance to accomplish 3 goals: give back to my readers, increase number of RSS subscribers and improve visibility of this blog. Yeah… those goals are selfish but I promise that I will make it well worth the reading, so dive in for details…

Contest Dates:

From 01.07.08 to 01.28.08

WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er Contest Prizes

  1. 3 Copies of my Web 2.0 Wealth System ($67 Value) to RSS Readers. I will provide a complete access to my product, one product will be given away each week of contest ONLY to RSS readers (see “How To Win Contest” for details).
  2. 3 Copies of my Web 2.0 Wealth System ($67 Value) to Bloggers. Same as above but will be given to bloggers who post about contest (see “How To Win Contest” for details).
  3. 3 Copies of Instant Blog Cash product with Master Resell Rights ($27 Value) to RSS readers. This will be a second prize to readers who got close to winning first prize but not quite (see “How To Win Contest” for details).

WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er Contest Participation Rules

  1. You must have internet access with sufficient speed to be able to download products provided as prizes. All products digital downloads and will not be provided via ANY other means.
  2. Prizes will be awarded based on my decision and winner will be determined based on time stamp of the answer in my blog (for RSS readers) or through random drawing for bloggers.
  3. Qualifying weeks: 01.07 – 01.14, 01.15 – 01.21, 01.22 – 01.28
  4. Winners will be announced on 01.14.08, 01.21.08 and 01.28.08 and it will be responsibility of the winners to contact me for collection of their prize via Contact form available on this blog.
  5. All judgements are final and I will not dispute any of them.
  6. Your winnings MUST be collected by you and cannot be passed onto someone else.

How To Win Contest?

For Bloggers:

  • Simply create a blog post on your blog with announcement of this contest and include a link to this post.
  • Link be created from anywhere in your post.
  • Come back to this post and make sure that pingback from your blog is visible under comments – if not, comment here and provide me with link to your qualifying post.
  • One winner will be selected at random from qualifying post during each week with a total of 3 prizes awarded.
  • Posting about this contest on your blog goes in ADDITION to RSS contest and simply doubles your chances.
  • Only ONE post can be done during any qualifying week and making more then one post will not increase your chances but you can post once for every qualifying week if you choose to do so.
  • Only posts in English will qualify.

For RSS Readers:

Contest will be done through RSS only and requires that you subscribe to my RSS Feed. I can recommend Google Reader or Bloglines as both are free and great quality. Here is how it will work:

  • Once every qualifying week I will write a post that will have a hidden question that could be seen ONLY via RSS Reader. It will be at the bottom of the post right above the copyright note.
  • Contest question will be clearly marked and preceded by these words: “Contest Question:
  • To win – simply come to my blog and post comment to the post that has hidden question with your answer. First correct answer will win W2.0W product, second correct answer gets IBC with MRR.
  • Question will not be visible on the blog and can be viewed ONLY in your RSS reader but still post your answer.
  • Only comments on the post with hidden question will qualify – if you comment under wrong post it will not be counted as entry.
  • Post can be published to my blog at any time between 7 AM EST and 7 PM EST and will be random.
  • Posting more than 1 answer will not help and only first answer will counted.
  • Question can be based on knowledge that can be researched or random to test your luck with predefined correct answer chosen before, such as “which of the 3 primary colors: red, green or blue?” with blue been previously picked, first person who would guess it correctly – wins.

WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er Contest designed to be fun and I have no intentions to make it too difficult. Introduction of RANDOM CHANCE type of question done with single purpose: make playing field more even so that first person to read the post doesn’t necessary becomes guaranteed winner (through internet research, yeah… we all know how to use wikipedia).

Enjoy and I hope to see you as a winner to WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er Contest!

Contest Is Over. Please do not try to participate!