My son loves video games and constantly asks me to go to nearest “Best Buy” where he can play with different video game consoles, check out latest offerings, see what is available or get the new and best fps gaming mouse for his computer games. Being a former avid gamer I understand him too well and as you can imagine we drive to the store quite often.

Now is the good time to ask the question: What video games and blogs have in common? Actually quite a lot but perhaps not on the level one might think and on first look it might escape you but when analyzed closely this similarity means more future readers and more opportunities.

Visual Impact

Video games have come a long way from the old blocky looking characters I was introduced to in original Nintendo. What we see on screens produced by current generation of consoles so closely resembles cinematic sequences it makes one feel to be a part of creating an animated move and not just playing the game.
Blogs supported by latest AJAX technology and widgets are a giant leap forward from the days of static websites and clunky frames, so common in past. Even a complete technical novice can create almost effortlessly a visually stunning web presence using one of the available free themes using current blogs technology.

Audience Reach

Video games are not for kids anymore. If fact you can see just as often people in their midlife purchasing video games and discussing latest play strategy as you can see a kindergartners. Generation raised on Atari and Nintendo is not letting their interests go and continue to engage in their favorite free time activity while new generations pick up on video games just as willingly.

Blogs have come a long way and developed from a tool utilized by techno crowd into a main stream. People of all walks of life start to share their personal thoughts, interests and ideas on line. Nothing provides them with a better platform then a blog. Blog is less formal, easy to use and in basic format doesn’t require much technical knowledge. And lets not forget about mainstream businesses picking up blogging as a form of direct communication with their customers and starting conversation that helps them survive the cutthroat market. There are hundreds of new blogs created on daily bases and while only few of them survive through the first year – this situation closely resembles what we see with video games, as their life span is mostly short.

Interactivity And Engagement

I still remember the days when my thumbs were hurting from hours spent seating idly and pushing a few buttons on controller. Looks like those days are going into past, as I see more and more games been developed that require direct interaction from player and provide level of engagement we could never dream of before. Just today I observed quite a few kids deeply engaged into “Guitar Heroes” video game that requires more interaction than any “Mario Brothers” ever did. And let’s not forget about the WII console. Once again Nintendo broke all the rules and have created a revolution in video gaming and redefined what interaction means, I read the original article on about the best monitors and it helped me get decide which one I wanted.

How do blogs stand up to this challenge? A front line of Web 2.0 generation, blogs spruced up with widgets, polls, comment system and ability to vote and contribute to content go beyond anything available via standard static pages. But perhaps what is even more important is that blogs make all these options available to widest range of people. People who have ideas simply need to have a desire and a few minutes of their time to implement all these options. Blogs ARE the Web Interaction. It is individual thoughts and ideas commented on by people, argued by people, shared by people and spread by people.

Options And Choice

Games these days available for your PC, on consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and multiple hand held platforms if you consider all the games on cell phones and portable devices.

Blogs also come in multiple forms and shapes. For the people looking to simply share ideas and are just couple of the most popular options but if you decide to really bank it and make the blog your own – your options expand immensely. Obviously I prefer the WordPress and preach its benefits but that is based on personal opinion. What are even better self-hosted options don’t have to be difficult. Basic WordPress available as 3 clicks install on many hosts and if you really want to make your WordPress a Web 2.0 platform – have a look at my Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed package.