Why have I waited almost a full month to share my thoughts on John Reese’s controversial report “The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing” and how could it be possibly related to [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] Web 2.0 theme of my site? A lot more then you could possibly imagine …

Let me elaborate on some of the finer points that will prove to you that in fact connection is so strikingly direct that you better know about it now or be among the 99% of people that John predicts will fail …

But before I go into my thoughts I want to be sure you download and read the actual report “The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing” to be able to fully understand direct connection. Go ahead, download and read it now and then come back to read the rest of this article …

Back already? Well … you are either a fast reader or already read it before so I’ll proceed without wasting your time.

[tag-tec]John Reese[/tag-tec] is known for his predictions on Internet Marketing developments, many of which came true. Will this report be one of them or not is still to be seen but it surely generated a lot of feedback in community and his blog post where report is released is already generated over 500 comments. Talk about people being passionate!

Perhaps one of the most controversial predictions is this, and I quote:

In the not-so-distant future, because of the revolution already in motion, this figure will become more like 99% (author: small businesses) will fail within the first 5 years.

The success rate will only be about 1 out of 100… and it will get worse as each year passes.

John attributes it to more and more people getting involved into Internet Business due to its low costs to start and accessibility to anyone and in every part of the world. He goes on saying that all these people will be using very same techniques and going after very same customers which in turn will tremendously increase marketing costs and cut down profits to the point where many US based businesses will not be able to survive.

Pretty grim future … isn’t it?

Well it is not so grim or he would have called the report “The Death Of Internet Marketing”. We are now coming to the part, which really matter to us – how it relates to Web 2.0.

According to his report – Content Is The Kong! Publishing great content is essential for any [tag-tec]Web 2.0[/tag-tec] site be it a blog or a specialized site. Visitors will separate good sites that deliver information they need from sites made to sell you something.

It is all about serving people and bettering their lives by providing meaningful information and creating an [tag-tec]Authority Sites[/tag-tec]. These sites will become the 1% that will not only survive but also succeed online in near future! Another quote from his report:

Less Is More – It’s All About “Authority”

Another major evolution that’s happened online is the growing power of the authority site.
If you’ve been paying attention to the changes of Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, it’s now a major advantage to have one big site instead of having a bunch of little ones.

Still not sure how it relates to Web 2.0 and WordPress? I’m getting there … one minute of patience.

The very site you are visiting and reading this post on right now build from ground up using techniques borrowed from “Authority Blackbook” by [tag-tec]Jack Hamphrey[/tag-tec]. It is an absolutely must have resource for anyone using WordPress as blog platform of the choice and since it is free – it is most definitely worth the price.

Released a bit before John Reese’s report it has predicted pretty much same future but went a few steps farther by actually providing you with a virtual blueprint to create a successful Web 2.0 authority site using power of WordPress. Using techniques he shared I was able to generate targeted traffic to my blog from day one and you can too.

I do have to admit I wasn’t completely satisfied with choice of plugins he provided and made quite a bit of improvements to his recommended list. Feel free to read my Web 2.0 Guide where I freely share all that I personally use.

To summarize my thoughts – John has shared his vision of increasing importance of becoming The Authority Site and Jack created a blueprint to accomplish it using power of emerging Web 2.0. Time to act is now if you would like to be part of the 1% destined to succeed. And feel free to reference my own guide to building Web 2.0 portal using WordPress for up-to-date information.