contest.gifToday is the day to announce winners of the week 2 for WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er Contest. I have to say its been one hell of a week for me, as you perhaps have noticed by the lack of consistent posting and I appreciate everyone who took part in it.

Without wasting much time let’s announce the winners…

Bloggers Contest

I have to say that lack of participation this week made it a bit dissapointing to me and so much more I appreciate the lonely contestant who also became the winner:

RSS Readers Contest

Last week’s question was once again based on information that can be found on internet although I didn’t quite expect that the first answer would get it right … I promise to make next week question more based on “lack of the draw” than knowledge.

Contest question: Name the author of this quote: “Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiam.” was published in this post

And last week Contest Winners are:

  • 1st place (Web 2.0 Wealth System) – Charly Letham
  • 2nd place (Instant Blog Cash with MRR) – Ronak Shah

Please make sure to contact me using Feedback form on this page to collect your winnings.

This week contest will be clearly announced and question will be hard to guess – I promise 🙂