contest.gifFirst of all I would like to thank everyone who have participated in the first week of WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er contest! I think besides the actual announcement there were couple “lesson learned” that I simply have to share and while they will not modify how the contest will be conducted in remained 2 weeks it will add one thing that will perhaps help people to identify it better and take part in it.

And the Winners for the Week 1 Are:

Bloggers Contest:

In first week we had 5 participating blogs, who posted an announcement about Contest (please excuse if I used incorrect name, I used what I was able to find on author’s blog):

  • Matt at Contest Beat
  • MyBlogContest
  • Arvoreen
  • Paul @ PJ’s Tangled Web
  • Rocque

I have used the simplest way of random draw – each name was written on a paper and then I pulled one from the hat (literally) and the winner of Web 2.0 Wealth System this week is (drums please):

  • Arvoreen

RSS Contest:

This week RSS contest was posted on my blog post “Thieves Follow Blog Popularity” and we had only a few people taking part in it. Perhaps I’m partially to blame by not making contest more stand out within the post available via RSS reader. This week contest I will make it stand out more, so you will be able to identify Contest Question more easily.

This week Contest Question was: “Who coined the short term “blog” and under what circumstances?” and was taken from wikipedia. As I have promised, first correct response gets the first prize and second correct answer gets second prize:

  • GG gets the 1st place with being the first to answer it and access to Web 2.0 Wealth product with
  • Charly wining the second place and MRR to Instand Blog Cash

My personal congratulations goes out to the winners and reminder:

Please contact me using FeedBack form – it is your responsibility to contact me and collect your winnings!

Thank you for participation and lets see who wins the next!