DEFINITION: RSS is an XML-based vocabulary that specifies a means of describing news or other Web content that is available for “feeding” (distribution or syndication) from an online publisher to Web users.

SIMPLER DEFINITION: RSS represent one of the technologies via which websites and blogs can provide you with frequently updated content directly. Content can include but not limited to: blog entries, news, podcasts. RSS could be a full feed or just a summary and once subscribed – it is delivered directly to your Reader.

What it means to you?

By subscribing to RSS Feed from your favorite site or blog you add that feed to your Reader (I personally use Google Reader as it is free and has nice features). Once feed is added you can always access all the latest news from all your favorite sites and blogs in one convenient location and without having to visit each of them. See how my personal RSS Reader looks like:

Google RSS Reader screenshot

Using RSS Reader I scan on daily bases well over 30 blogs I like and if I see an entry of interest – I visit that blog for comments and other personal interaction. RSS Feeds are the greatest Time Saver for any frequent blog reader.

Why You Should Subscribe To My Full Text RSS Feed? – Save Your Time!

Unlike many others, my blog provides you with complete stories feed. Meaning you will get my latest post in its complete version and can read it directly from your reader. Subscribing is easy – just click that big Orange button and you will be presented with an option to subscribe to my feed using your personal favorite RSS Reader.


  • If using RSS Readers is not something you want to do – my blog provides you with an option to get my latest posts ONLY via email.

This is not any marketing mailing list and ONLY latest posts will be emailed to you with an option to unsubscribe at any time with one simple click. Service provided via Feedburner and I use this option on couple of my All Time favorite blogs due to simple convenience.

Just enter your email below the phrase “Or Get News Via Email:” and click Subscribe. Your intentions to receive my latest news will need to be verified. This is double opt-in to prevent any SPAM complains. Once verified – you will get latest posts delivered directly to your email inbox.

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Do You Like Podcasts?

It is simple to get all my latest articles delivered to you in audio format. I use Odiogo services that create an audio feed of my complete articles and provide my visitors with multiple options to subscribe to it using their favorite podcast streamer or listen and download each individual article in mp3 format.

Subscribe to the Odiogo podcast

My blog provides you with multitude of options to get latest articles without visiting it on daily bases but it is up to you to actually save your time. You have to take action by subscribing and get our news in your favorite format – be it via email, RSS reader or podcast.