simplified collaborationIn web design world, every single day new tools and techniques get introduced and used. You can find so many new trends being introduced, some of the old trends being faded out whereas other trends continuing to grow stronger. It is very important to follow these new trends if you want your website to stand out in the crowd and be ahead of the pace. These trends give a web design completely new makeover.

You should never forget the fact that, each year trends come and go. The introduction to new design trend does not mean that it will stay there forever. And it is your job to choose the right trend for your website as a website works as an online representation of you or your business.

How to find the right design trend for your website?

Well, there’s numbers of design trends in the market today. Finding the right design trend for your website from those design trends is surely going to take you a lot of time and research. The design trend that is working well for one brand does not mean it will work for you too. Focus on your personal choices and find the trend that best works with your business brand. If it is too hard for you to choose the right design trend to follow then, you can take help from an expert like us who provides best web design services and are well aware of latest design trends and knows what is best for your business.

Instead of following the crowd and having the same design like others, choose the design trend that can right match your business concept. So, if you are considering building a website for your business or redesign your old one, make sure to avoid following mentioned design trends, which is not going to work in 2017.

Design trends that you should avoid in 2017:

Hidden Navigation Menus

Hidden menus were designed especially for mobiles as there is not enough space in mobile. However, this mobile designed trend successfully made its way to a desktop which is still a matter of concern. This design trend might look great while you are browsing the site from a mobile but for desktop users, the thing is just opposite.

Hidden menus on your website might leave your users confused to navigate as it is less discoverable than visible or partially visible menus. Users are less likely to use the navigation when the menus are hidden. On the other hands, hidden navigation provides a worse user experience than the visible menus as it is going to take them some time to find the menu which simply wastes their time and effort which ultimately makes them leave your site. So, say no to hidden menus this year.

Complex Loading Screen

Years ago, the use of animation, effects, and flash was found in almost all websites. They were extensively popular design trend a few years ago, but now, they have no use. Nowadays, if a website is taking more than 10 seconds to load then, the visitors leave the site right away. Nobody wants to waste their valuable time on things that is taking too much time to load. Page speed has become the most important thing today; it affects both the user’s experience and SEO of your website. So, think twice before considering using any complex loading screen on your website.

Carousel Sliders

Carousel sliders were a raging trend a few years ago, no doubt on that. Most of the people think they are cool. So, there are still a number of sites using this design trend. But, the truth is carousel sliders affect both your websites SEO and websites usability. They are just a conversion killer that you surely would want to avoid.

Carousel design trend arises SEO problems like multiple H1 headings, flash usage, poor performance, content replacement, etc. You just have few seconds to grab your user attention and provide them the most valuable information and with the use of carousel sliders, the chances are high that your user might miss the important information. Consider using a powerful image in the banner with your target message in it so that visitors can get your message right away.

Too much Pop-ups

These days marketers are using too much of pop-ups promoting their newsletter, content, etc on their website ignoring the fact that the visitors are getting annoyed by it and are found leaving the site without going through the website’s content. This is one of the most frustrating elements found on any website. If a visitor is browsing your site via mobile then, the game is over.

Pop-ups do harm more in mobile than desktop, they not only take up the whole mobile screen but they also take too much time to load causing interruption for users to read the site’s content. So, it is best to take a thought before considering using pop-ups for promoting your website content or newsletter. You can find some other ways for the promotion of your content, newsletter, etc.

Parallax Scrolling

The number of parallax scrolling sites has increased rapidly in these few years. Parallax scrolling design trends have really become very popular among the designers as it adds another dimension to your site making your site stand out in the crowd. As everything has both its good and bad side, there are also some issues that you might need to know about this design trend before considering it for your website. This design might look best on a desktop, but, for mobile, this design can’t be used. And you know how important it is to make your site mobile friendly as Google has already confirmed that more than 50% of the users browse through their mobile.

It has also been proven bad for SEO as having the only single page, there’s little room for content. You need to fit all the necessary element and information in the single page, so it’s hard for your website to rank. In parallax scrolling sites, heavy use of graphics and JavaScripts are found which clog the page and lead to slow page loading reducing the performance and user experience.

Too much JavaScript

JavaScript can make your site fully functional and beautiful in looks. It is found everywhere these days. There might be lots of advantages of JavaScript but, you can deny the fact that it can hamper the page loading speed of a website and you know how important it is to have a fast loading site for both your user and Google. JavaScript also affects mobile browsing, the functionality of website causing bug issues. Security wise also, JavaScript harms your website. Like many other web scripts or languages, JavaScript can easily be exploited by the hackers if it is not properly implemented on your site.

Search engine crawlers can’t crawl JavaScript and if you have too much of JavaScript on your website then, you surely are missing keywords rankings. It is not that JavaScript is bad for the site. They have great uses and also works wonder on the web. Like too much sugar leaves bad tastes, excessive use of JavaScript hurts your sites overall performance. So, consider minimizing the use of JavaScript in your website.

Wrapping Up

Lots of great web design trends have emerged in past few years and are still emerging which are totally great for both user experience and search engines. Consider using them and try avoiding the above-mentioned design trends which won’t do well for your website.
Let your design and content do the talking for your business.

Author Bio: Amin Ghale is a web designer & marketing consultant at Nirmal Web Design. He likes to call himself the web headhunter always looking to hunt down new information on the web space. He loves to explore new ideas for start-ups.