Being a do it yourself infopreneur I’m always on look out for good tutorial, how-to guides and other help yourself type of information. If you have the money to spend this might not be the most rewarding option but I like to dabble in different things and sometime it shows while other time it works out to the best.

Well this time I run into over 60 Web 2.0 [tag-tec]web design[/tag-tec] tutorials to choose from and while not all of them will work for you – some of them simply awesome!

Couple perhaps most important one’s you want to go over would be the logo and header designs although there are plenty of information there … and the best part of it – it’s FREE. So go visit this link and grab your fill of free tutorials.

But while you are here …. I have designed my new header using one of those tutorials. I would appreciate if you simply click “Yes” for liking it and “No” for hating it. Thanks.