blog designBlogging today has become a major tool for communication to the world via internet. Blogging plays major role in developing ones skills and connecting an individual to the world. This new communication weapon helps now to judge the demand of the market. The creativity of an artist is an absolute soul of its work and inner self.

This necessitates the concern of blogging for an artist. Blogging can help an artist meet other artist and share new ideas and challenges in field they share. This can develop solid character and understanding over issues. More to it following are some concrete steps as to why an artist needs to blog.

1. Blog gives you a professional and accessible presence on web

The blogs created by artist are not regular blogs, but are a presentation of their work. It’s a truth that google and other search engines today love blogs. A blog made by an artist is modified by him himself in the way he loves things to be putted there. Blog actually is used to portrait one’s professional skills and the creativity of an individual’s within. The blog can be used by artist to sell his works and can even establish an online shop. The users can easily access the artist and it can provide a communication medium for the two.

2. Blogs help you build connection and relation

With such development of internet, blogging today helps artist connect with people and put forward himself and his works. For every artist, meeting new people, creating new ideas is all what matters. Thus blogging helps them connect with buyers.

3. It measure of development over a course of time

An important aspect of blogging – An Artist blog can judge his professional development and the popularity he gained within a limited period of time. Starting a blog doesn’t mean that you are very good at it. It develops over a period of time and finally you end up being a professional. Sometimes it gets interesting for an artist to go through his old memories through his blog posts and compare the situation then and now. Blog works as a scrapbook that includes all his works and interesting script he wrote.

4. Blog can be used to explain your art

The blog can be used to explain the quality of your work and kind of art you make. This can help an artist building up market for his work and as well as interacting with fans. The artist has an option of explaining the arts in most creative manner he can.

5. Expressing oneself through blog

The blog can be used by artist to express himself on issues that world is facing other than his artwork. The artist can have full freedom on what he writes and can express his disagreement and agreement over issues. It even allows him to comment over things that surround or which he feels is not being done correctly. Even more this will allow him to keep his point and clear any doubt in clients mind.

6. Educating through blogs

The artist can use blogs as a medium for teaching people. This can help in development of society and improvement of social strata. The person who wants to teach can teach people about different aspects and make them understand the art. There are people who want to study different aspect of art and don’t find a right teacher for it. This is where a blog can help. For the beginners, an artist blog has modern way to get their lessons done.

7. Develops character

Strong character is something that all artists want. A blog build up a platform that plays a major role in development of an artist from amateur to professional. An artist blog basically makes an artist more mature and changes his character, as he gets the feedback of his followers who make him realize, what they think of him and his performances. Patience in an artist is a part that is indispensable. It builds up solid character and helps in understanding the real life situations (success and downfalls of an artist) in a better way. This is what is responsible for development over a period of time and enhances ones growth. It even helps building up a platform to fight inner self and rise to the occasion.

8. Develops your endurance level

Creating a blog is not everybody’s cup of tea. It demands proper understanding of how it is to be done and experience to take it forward. This helps an artist build up his endurance level and patience.

9. Critics and cyber journalist attacks

The blogs let you enter a world that is full of cyber journalist who strongly criticizes all the new development in the cyber world. This allows you to face the new generation their demands and their understanding of things. Even when a blog criticized it gives a chance to understand what went wrong and where and help you improve things that can help in his development process.

10. Publicity of the artist

Blogging provides a publicity that is in no means less than what you get while you to advertising companies for getting yourself publicized. The blog is something that an artist can cherish all his life, till the time he decides to take care of it. Thus a blog can play an integral part in such process. The work can easily be publicized on the blog, where it can be viewed by users and become a part of google searches. For publicity it is very important for a blogger to maintain and update his blog, as this attracts users, for they come to know every current happening of your life. If you are updating your blog time to time, this shows more aspect of your personality, Responsibility towards your users, meaning ultimately a publicity aspect.

11. Good for business purpose

Every person that works wants to earn to sustain himself and his family. An artist biggest earning comes from the auction of his works. This is beneficial from business point of view. The artist can even entertain advertisement on his blog that can fetch him some money.

12. Builds help self confidence

When the blog built up by an artist is completed, it gives him a lot amount of self confidence and allows him to have a firm believe that what he created is a wonderful creation. This helps him realize his true potential and removes his misconception about his talent. This gives him confidence that he is one of the best in his field and this is enough for his development process. This built up of self confidence help the artist to attain maturity in his work and responsibility toward things which are of great value.

13. Motivates and inspiring

This attribute of blogging is very important as it can play a role that no other things can play. This acts like an inspiration for an artist to take a new start with his work. Users consider an artist as an icon for them and hence his work acts as an inspiration for them. This can motivate him work regularly and with more enthusiasm. This creates a word of good in artist mind that his work is being appreciated. Users positive feedbacks sometimes are inspirational for an artist

The above stated are various practical reasons that justifies the need for an artist to use blog for portraying their works and it can act as a medium for interaction to a new world. Fame is the food for an artist and in this digital phase, this food has a new supplier aka blog.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on hybrid cars attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on lotus evora.