To create the best web designs is very artistic work, we can say it a bigger art rather than Science. In fact it is a mixture of art and technique. A web design can change the site’s destiny it can make a web site appealing to eyes or rejected at once. Good quality content along with the best design can make a site highly successful. St A web design n is considered to be best if it is user friendly and attractive. An attractive design is it is not useless if it is not friendly user. There are many big name companies which have unprofessionally designed websites.

Attractive Web Designs

It is fact that user is appealed towards good web design but it is also noticed that after coming to site user will remain stuck around site it is easy to use. An attractive and exciting site is left by user soon if it is difficult to use. Success of a website depends on its usability and its outlook. Good and appealing color combination is an extra flavor to the site.

Easy Usability of Web Design

Any kind of attractive web design can prove to be flop if it is difficult to use. a user doesn’t want to think while visiting a site. A user is your customer if site is not self explanatory it means you have made a superstore without any attendant. User strongly dislikes ignorance. A user doesn’t want to wait at your site so easy clicks make user happy. A happy user means success of your site. If user is not happy with complicated designs of site all your efforts become zero at that end. Do you want a website with much effort and zero result? Obviously you will navigate the head in NO. User friendly and easy to use site is highly liked by user. A menu is not a mathematical equation that user understands it first before using. It must be “Easy handling”. Net users love a site if it is not complicated. Don’t design a web site in such way that make a user think.

Bad about Using Flash Web Design

Modern web designs use Flash animation and videos to make attractive websites. Such kinds of websites succeed in appealing users but just once. sites which use flash support videos are heavy and take time to download or open the links. That is only thing hated by user “wait”. Users don’t want to wait more than 3 to 4 minutes. If you want a successful web site don’t make your user wait long. If user is interested in high definition videos, he will prefer T.V. if flash web designs are just to decorate the sites they are worst than anything.

Good about Using Flash Web Design

It’s not like that Flash Web designs are useless at all. If used in fewer amounts and intelligently it can add extra flavor to the site. Appropriate use of Flash in designing Website can cast magic to site design. The purpose of for bidding flash Web Design is to avoid slowness, if it cast no effect on usability it will be healthy factor for the site. If Flash Designs are functional and easy to use for visitor they can be the best.

Effect of Flash Web Design on SEO

I will forbid using Flash in designing whole Website because it reduces the SEO. The text used in Flash Designs is Graphical and can not be identified by Search Engine. So Search Engine Optimization reduces. It will also affect the rank of site at Search Engine

Don’t avoid Using Flash at all

I would not prefer not use Flash at all, I just want to forbid using large files in Flash . Make small web site area by using Flash.

Use Flash intelligently

If you use Flash in websites intelligently you don’t even think how successful you are! It will raise your site to sky.

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