As a first-time web designer, designing something from the ground up can be a challenge. There are so many possibilities when trying to find out what will work best that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are some basic steps that you can take to make sure that your web design comes out looking great.

Readability is key when designing a website. After all, short of your site trying to be a YouTube competitor, the reason it exists is so that visitors can read content. With that in mind, every decision that you make in designing the site should be with the idea of making it readable as well as eye-catching.

Start by choosing a color scheme that works and doesn’t cause eye strain for your visitors. Light colors and pastels work best, and using black text is fine. Try to avoid neon colors and yellows or reds. These colors tend to be distracting to visitors and make viewing uncomfortable. Also make sure that your content is of a legible font size.

Another tip is to keep your page’s navigation straightforward and organized. Nobody likes having to guess at how to navigate through a website. Think about the best sites that you’ve used. Where has the navigation on those sites been? Chances are that it was on the top or left. Since we read from the top-down and left-to-right, putting navigation on one of these sides makes it easy to access. Sticking to text-based navigation is advisable. Feel free to use graphic if they enhance the visual aspects of your design, but don’t make it cluttered or difficult to read.

Your design will almost surely incorporate some form of graphics or pictures. If it does, make sure that they are both appropriately sized and of the proper resolution. Low-resolution graphics look grainy and take away from the feel of the site. By sticking to vector images and high-quality photos, your site will have a smoother overall appearance and be more engaging to your visitors.

One final tip is to stay away from things that disrupt the user experience. Minimizing annoyances like pop-up alerts and automatically resized windows is another way to keep your design clean and usable. Both of these tend to frustrate users, and they make your site look like it was built by an amateur. If there is some important information that you need to convey, do so with bold text or some other method that will catch the user’s eye.

Overall, just remember that you don’t have to turn the Internet on its head with your website and that before you become the grand- webmaster, you must first make a few mistakes. Design a functional, clean website that’s easy to read and you’ll have a great site. The most important aspect is usability, and that should be your focus.

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