Introduction of native tags system in [tag-tec]WordPress 2.3[/tag-tec] generated a storm of questions from many bloggers. In fact this is one of the most useful features outside of faster java processing that made me upgrade to new version.

This new feature helps every blogger to properly structure the blog for success and make content more accessible and searchable. But that is assuming you have a clear understanding on HOW you need to build your blog from ground up and possibly redesign it armed with proper knowledge.

I could go into discussion on the basics but instead I decided to share links to articles that define it with superb clarity and should help you work you blog the way it needs to be.

  • Are You Abusing Your WordPress Pages – and Your Blog? Great post by Lorelle Van Fossen that describes in details everything you need to know about differences between posts and pages and how to properly use them on your blog. If you ever had any doubt on where your content belongs, this article will help you have a clear understanding.
  • Using Categories and Tags Effectively on Your Blog at written by a guest blogger Michael Martin. In my personal opinion this is one of the best explanations using minimum required number of words to get you going. His description is perfect for understanding new tags system introduced with WordPress 2.3 and will point you in right direction with tagging. And if minimum is not enough …

While there are a lot more great articles on the topic, I picked those three because in my opinion they will give you all the answers needed for proper blog design. Proper structure of your blog content is the key to allow easy access to information and as such retaining your visitors and turning them into regular readers.