Since the release of my Web 2.0 Wealth System, which uses very same customized theme implemented on this blog I noticed that many people love the color combination as much as I do 🙂

Even though I have provided a complete video tutorial on how to change the colors for the blog and even provided a few already made color combinations, many decided to stick with default, so I just decided to change a few things around on this blog …

I have lightened up the background and changed header color as well as couple other things that I meant to implement for a while but never got around to it …

Featured post is now more highlighted to draw attention to it and I have added a welcome message to the sidebar. There is really not much to it just some php+html magic and voila – blog is more personal.

Why would I want to do it?

Blog is a media of personal communication. That is the beauty and main draw of every blog and while it might not be appropriate for every blog in existence, for my blog is was one of the MUST HAVE features that needed to be present.

Anytime you share any form of knowledge you want to be personal. When people come to read a tutorial – first thing they would want to know is …

  • Who Are You To Teach Me?

Answering this question is just as important to the blog as replying to comments, which I personally consider one of the most important tasks on my blog outside of creating content. Keeping conversation going and giving your readers an easy to see information about their conversational partner are 2 aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Feel free to let me know what you think about my changed look. Your comments as always greatly appreciated and will be replied to 🙂