Let’s admit it. We all have been through this process. We come across a product, browse through the website and then back off quickly after we meet with its ‘oh-so-boring’ check-out process. This is true for the most beautifully designed e-commerce websites. The whole point is, while designing an e-commerce website, a designer need not flex his creative muscles to make it aesthetically pleasing, but the prime motto should be to lead the customers quickly to the payment page from the landing page. The designers need to produce something compelling so as to guide the users through the process quickly. If you are planning to develop an e-commerce store, these points would help in creating a site that your users would love.

Let your Users Refine and Reverse Their Options

Provide flexibility to your customers so that they can filter their options and find the exact product they have been looking for. This will save a lot of time and effort. For instance, while finding a piece of apparel let your buyer choose the perfect size. Your customers should not find the perfect piece only to discover that you don’t carry their size.

Similarly, as the customers start narrowing their search, they might make a mistake. They might mistakenly click on a garment’s size or type and then, it is imperative that they are allowed to remove their selections. This is much better option than forcing users to hit on the “back button” and compelling them to start the process from the scratch.

Make the Search Bar Visible

Search bar in e-commerce websites is most frequently used and should be the key focus of your e-commerce site and yet, we often tend to ignore this fact. Make this important element clearly visible in every page of your site. This will help your customers to access something without much hassle or fuss.

Make the Shopping Cart Clearly Visible

The end-objective of your e-commerce site is conversion and hence it is extremely important to make your shopping cart clearly visible. None of the online shoppers like their selected items to be added straight to the shopping basket automatically, so ensure that you have an “Add to Cart” logo displayed properly in the pages.

Easy-to-Navigate Site

Easy-to-Navigate e-commerce websites always pay off. If you have a lot of categories, fly-out menus or the super menus are the most effective ways to follow an uncluttered page while creating optimal accessibility. Make the navigation simple and smooth by using breadcrumbs.

The online shoppers are always treading for the fastest and the most convenient options. So, do not lead them to another page for viewing the product details. That Sucks! Instead, try and give a small description to each product and then include a call-to-action such as “Read More” or “Detail Info”.

Use High-Quality Images

Your e-commerce web lay out need not feature those graphical wonders, but the images of the products that are listed should be alluring and must be of superior quality. You can also go for a tiled or thumbnail view of the products and have a “click to enlarge” option for the images. Make sure that the enlarged images Just don’t get blurry or pixelated as it will harm your site’s credibility.

The aforementioned points will help you enhance the credibility of your e-commerce site. Apart from the designing perspective, you also need to make sure that your business info is clearly mentioned in all the pages. Although there has been astounding technological progress, people are still skeptical about online shopping. Integrate a Live Support console in your e-commerce site and this would increase your chances to convince the users since you are providing them an option to speak with a real person. Make sure the entire journey of the customers, from the home page to the payment making procedure is smooth and uncomplicated; as this will leverage the credibility score of your site and enrich the user-experience.

About Author: John Atkins, a multiple business owner. He is an experienced member of web marketing association and Orange County website design company. Therefore, he knows what is important to make business more suitable.