Each website has its own goal and if you too have a website for your business organization, its main goal must be to sell your product or service. Website designing can be done in various ways but if it doesn’t generate too many leads that can set profits rolling, it’s of no use. Only keeping a website that will be visited by the online visitors is not anything beneficial for your company’s growth and hence if you still feel that a few redesigning here and there can add a new tough to your website and help you gain better profits, you should immediately take the steps to do the same. Here are some tips that you may consider if you want to redesign your website and generate increased number of leads.

Define the goal of your business website: The first step that you need to take is to redefine your website’s goal. As you had already designed your website with a goal and now that you feel that your website needs some new touch, you should again define its goal. Always make sure that you don’t just redesign your website as your CEO wants you to change the color or the logo of your website. Changed color schemes will never attract a larger number of online audiences and therefore you should go behind materializing such myths.
Protect the assets of the current website: Although you might be too excited about transforming Ugly Betty into Megan Fox, don’t forget that there are assets that belong to Ugly Betty and that which should be protected in order to avoid any kind of detrimental results. Most often, it is seen that redesigning your website will have a negative impact on the number of leads as the old website design had too many assets that worked to help visitors find your website and transform them into worthy leads. Before redesigning your website, you should take steps to identify all those assets and protect them carefully throughout the redesigning process.

Capture increased leads: Lead generation is always great but if you can’t actually capture them and nurture them to the sales funnel and this is where the landing page becomes important. It’s not that all sites have landing pages but it is certainly essential that they have such pages. The Call to Action button that you create will only match a landing page is well-designed and you should take all steps to redesign this landing page with the required steps.

Spend your resources on improving content: When it comes to website designing, it is certainly important for a website but when you’re redesigning your website, you should also concentrate on the content of the website. Unless you improve the content of your website, you won’t be able to gain an increased traffic Even though you feel that the content in your website is not unique, you should immediately take steps to boost the quality of the content so that you don’t have to suffer due to poor content.

Create a content building strategy: If you have more content in your website, you will perhaps be able to attract a larger number of visitors towards your website and this will also help your business grow faster. A website that contains 100 pages will certainly beat a website that contains 10 pages 99% of the time. A 500 page website will even be better and therefore you need to make sure that each and every page is perfect and is always updated. The visitors should always get something new from your website and you should thereby keep on updating the website time to time.

Redesigning your website needn’t be only updating the design and layout of your website. You should make an overall improvement including the quality of the content that is there in your website as content still remains the king.

Author Bio: Angelina Brown is a financial writer who is expert in dealing with financial matters. She loves to contribute Usueful write ups to websites and blogs so that she can help people who are struggling with any information. He has written various articles on Website Disigning Tips,Visual presentation, Marketing,Custom Web Applications and so on.