I have just signed up this morning for a QuickWebCreations service and was amazed at the service is provides at an extremely low price. Being a fairly decent with Photoshop I still spend considerable amount of time when I need to work with images, especially anything related to Web 2.0.

Time it takes to figure out latest trends and how to get image to correspond to it is one of the most consuming tasks for me and if you are like me I suggest you look at what I was able to create in a spam of 2 minutes using this tool:


Like what you see? Then watch the video where I show exactly how I did it

This video shows my own effort in creating a cool Web 2.0 looking text but I only show some of the basic options. For a complete information I recommend you visit QuickWebCreations

I don’t know about you, but for only $6.97 that access to this tool costs – this was a simple decision to me.