Today is a big day for over 56% of my readers located in US – Independence Day and I simply couldn’t ignore the fact and would like to extend my congratulation to all of us leaving is US! I was going to install some flashy script but instead I have decided to give you a link where you can see it very well implemented.

Here is your Online Salute – America! <– Click to visit.

WordPress Web 2.0 Guide has been updated. For anyone using it for implementation of their own blog I highly recommend a new visit and glance over. The guide have been updated to reflect changes related to WordPress 2.2.1 and to address some questions from readers. Some plugins have been removed and some new added due to my new discoveries and personal experience.

I have also added my recommended hosting due to the questions I received. While I’m sure there are many great hosts available I only recommend what I personally use and can vouch for.  So feel free to re-visit my WordPress Web 2.0 Guide as I’ll be continuously updating it to reflect any new developments and make sure it stays up-to-date.