The prime goal of the professional web designers is to create an alluring, easily accessible and navigable and fully-functional website which will help enthrall the targeted visitors and turn them into potential buyers. Intuitive and Creative web designing skills can make a website stand out in the competitive crowd and cool designs, fascinating layout and the compelling and catchy content can set a website class-apart than its competitors. In the following few paragraphs, we shall discuss some of the guidelines for best web designing service.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Today, there are tons of browsers that are being used by the users. Hence, it is to design a website which will load and open in all kinds of web browsers.

The designers need to validate the HTML code and should take the final test to check whether the website is running on multiple web browser’s platforms.

Loading Time

The web audience never runs short of options and hence they will move off a webpage if it takes too much time to load and open. This is a necessary aspect, which should be remembered by the web designers and hence they should refrain from using all the designing elements which tend to affect the page’s loading time. Too much of flash graphics or high resolution images may offer a bewildering effect to the lay-out but can sacrifice the site’s credibility.

Background Colors

The background color of the webpage needs to be chosen wisely. If the designers choose to use any other colors other than white then it should be ensured that the color of the text and the text links are in contrast to the color of the background otherwise the page content becomes completely unreadable.

Site Navigation

This is one of the fundamental features in web designing service. The professional designers should seek to create easy and intuitive navigation tools so as to help the visitors access any page in the website with utmost fewer clicks. Studies reveal that the visitors wish to access the information in a website within three clicks. This is the three-click rule. A website should never become a mysterious adventure through the woods; rather each and every page should be reachable within fewer clicks. The dropdown links needs to be easily ‘clickable’ and simple text links should be used.

Check for Broken Links

After a website is designed and developed, the site should be checked for the broken links. Periodic inspections should be made to verify whether all the links are working fine. A broken link degrades the credibility of the website.


The web designers should ensure that a website is search engine friendly and hence there should be minimum use of Frames in a website since these elements obstruct the search engine spiders to crawl the site. From the visitors’ point of view, frames make it difficult to bookmark individual pages on the website.

A Final Note

Good Web design is a combination of intuitive planning and definitive approach. The professional web designers should seek to merge their creative skills with the latest technology to come up with astounding designs which are attractive, informative, easily navigable and search engine friendly.

Author Info – Michel Tubro is a free lancer who writes various blogs and articles, informing the readers on the ways of finding top notch Riverside Web Design companies and also highlights varying components of web designing services.