Every once in a while I run into a cool tool that attracts my attention and draws me into further investigation. Quite distracting but stats and performance analysis is one of  my minus and always have been  as long as I’ve been building websites. My justification always been simple – If I know what effort contributes more to success, I can spend more time on it and disregard tasks that give me less return.

A little while ago I have posted an article “Webmaster Tools Every Blogger Need To Know About” , where I listed some of the most useful tools in my opinion to perform tracking and get general overview. We are not talking detailed analytics here but an Great Overview of results. And Website Grader is another tool that should have made the list but I simply didn’t know about it until quite recently.

Website Grader SEO Tool

Want to feel like back at school and get graded or your effort? Well you are in luck! Website grader does that and some more. You simply provide your blog URL, your main keywords and it will run a quick analysis and compares it to the database of sites already submitted for grading. A couple short minutes and your effort graded on scale from 0 to 100.

I was quite pleased to find that my blog managed to pull a score of 96 and while it really didn’t add anything to my blog – it provides me with a sense of accomplishment. Kinda like when a teacher gave you good grade for what you already knew was a great work. Didn’t add much but simply confirmed what you already knew but makes you feel good anyway 🙂

How is your blog graded?

All the usual suspects used to evaluate marketing performance of your blog or site. Google PR, Alexa Traffic Rank and Technorati rank are at the top followed by number of inbound links from Yahoo and Google. I was pleased to see that social bookmarking sites are included into the grade and number of saves to Delicious on par with technorati make a contribution.

Unfortunately they don’t provide complete reasoning and explanation how much each criteria contributes to the overall rank. Would be nice to know they value they place on each category used for ranking. But either way – if you ready for a back to school experience – visit the link below to get your blog graded!