fh-reloaded1.jpgSince releasing my modification of FH Freedom theme that I was planning to use for one of my own projects on June 15 I really didn’t spend much time on promoting it. I submitted it to couple directories and posted a note on it in appropriate location in WordPress.org forum – that is it.

Almost month and a half after its release I decided to take a look at the stats. According to my counter it has been downloaded 459 times to this date. Not a big number but considering the luck of promotion – it is a fair one.

I have added a small link to my site in the footer and would like to thank personally everyone who didn’t remove it. It is just a small way for me to benefit for providing for free result of many hours of my own work. So my next logical step was to find out – how many pages in Google search result contains exact phrase I included in footer:

“Freedom Blue Reloaded courtesy of WordPress Web 2.0 Guide”

I can’t say I was shocked … more like a pleasantly surprised to see results:


It is nice to know that while people had every chance to remove that link that decided NOT to and give credits to original author and me. And yes, I did visit a few of the sites and noticed that many added their own stuff in footer while keeping in tact the credit links.

Thank you guys!

If you would like to try theme or view screen shots visit this post: