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Blog Templates For WordPress Review

blog templates web designWeb design for WordPress always comes down to evaluating which Blog Templates (or what is commonly knows WordPress Themes) fit your needs the most! This review of available options for choosing best blog template for your WordPress will concentrate not only on their visual appeal (web design factor) but also functionality!

WordPress is a dynamic by nature and any web designer failing to also properly integrate functionality – falling short of the target and minimizes benefits of the platform. Web design for WordPress blog is quite a bit different from creating template for static site and how well designers understand it will impact the overall performance of your blog.

In my previous post 10 Best Web 2.0 WordPress Themes I have talked about using free blog templates and choosing which is fit best your own needs. But as your progress and grow your blog you will find that free templates simply don’t cut it. You will need to find a way to separate your blog from multitude of others and choosing a custom WordPress theme is simplest way to do it.

Unfortunately – it is not the cheapest! Custom blog design can run you into a few hundred dollars quite easily and unless you have that money might be a bit too expensive option. Luckily for your there are Premium WP Themes that allow you to achieve similar separation at a lot lower budget.

Here is My Pick of Best Premium Blog Themes

In many cases a web designer providing premium blog templates also provides you with multitude of options and instead of evaluating one single option – I will share details on what is currently available from him.

Brian Gardner – Premium StudioPress WordPress Themes

Brian is one of my favorite wp themes designers due to a very high quality of the coding behind the themes he releases and very appealing look. He is also one of the most productive web designers when it comes to premium blog themes.

Just have a look at the beauty he unleashed to the public:

city revolution wordpress theme

… and don’t forget the other themes available from him:

Revolution Blog Templates

Simply click the images above to navigate to his site and see what he has available. He takes an approach with his blog templates that functionality determines the look and his themes are targeting a specific way to publish your content.

StudioPress Themes priced to provide you with maximum flexibility and choice:

  • Developer Package – $2499.95.95, gives you an option to develop sites using his templates as many times as you wish.
  • Single-Use Package – $79.95, this package is for the person who intends on using this theme on a single website.

Choose what fits your needs! Demo and Purchase

Michael Pollock from Solostream Studios

Michael is another web designer who produced multiple high quality blog templates, some as premium and some are free. But since we are talking about Premium WordPress Themes to give you the custom look you need – here are some of my favorites from him:

solostream wp magazine theme

…and as I have already mentioned he has a few more to choose from once you get to his page. Here are some of my personal favorites

solostream blog templates

Solostream Premium WP Themes priced very competitive:

  • Basic (Single Use License $49.00)
  • Premium (Multiple Use License $79.00)
  • Developer ($179.00)

Choose your options! Demo and Purchase Here

iThemes Premium WordPress Themes

Superb web design of WordPress blog templates with a different look. While they provide you with quite a choice, including standard these days magazine layout themes – I personally Love the Design of Essence WordPress Themes series.

Available in several colors: Blue, Dark, Golden, Silver and Red these blog template is great choice for blogs looking to take advantage of using WordPress as CMS through heavy usage of Pages.

ithemes essence wp theme

And here are some other choices provided by same developer:

ithemes premium blog templates

iThemes takes aggressive approach in pricing and unlike others have multiple options:

  • Single Use – this license ranges from $29.99 to $79 and depends on which theme you will choose.
  • Multiple Use – license that permits you to use theme on more then one blog and begins with $29. Once again will depend on which theme you will choose.
  • Developer License – competitively priced with my favorite Essence series priced at $199.95 it goves you options you need. Although if you are series about using these themes I recommend you have a look at 10-in-one developer package. Best value as you get all 10 themes for $399.95

Make your choice! Demo and Purchase here

WordPress Dream Theme by Ben Cope

A swiss-army knife of the web design for WordPress this theme is one of a kind and created to allow you easily separate yourself from competition. Following popular magazine layout design it comes with everything one might expect and need from blog template in functionality!

wp dream theme

But perhaps one of the most important aspects of the theme is that it comes with services by the Ben, who designed it, if you choose it! Flexible pricing provides you with an opportunity to purchase Not Only the blog template, which is great but also a service level that you need:

  • Self Service – $97 will provide you besides the complete blog template with FREE E-mail Support, WordPress University, FREE Upgrades – 1 yr.
  • Limited Service at $167 gives you access to all the features above plus Custom Header Image, Plugins Installed For You, FREE Phone Support
  • Full Service at $247 gives you everything you need for a custom look. All the features available to previous levels plus FREE Setup, FREE Installation, 1 Hour Customization, Use on Multiple Sites.

Choosing what you personally need is the only predicament you have now! Demo and Purchase Here

Omni WordPress Theme

Another nice looking wp theme with a magazine design that gives your blog stylish look and feel. Very Web 2.0 Designed it has a nice light appeal and yet full functionality one would expect from a premium theme:

omni wp theme

With several colors to choose from it gives you the flexibility to pick one that is most appropriate for your blog:

omni 4 pack

Omni Theme pricing is similar to others and gives you range of options to choose from:

  • Single Use license at $79.99
  • Developer License for single theme – $199.99
  • 4 in one Developers Pack license if you need all 4 – $299.99

Choose wisely but don’t forget to evaluate it! Demo and Purchase Here

Woo Premium Themes

And last but by no means least I want to to present set of themes by “Woo Themes” group of developers. WooThemes is a project started by four respected designers – Adii, Magnus Jepson, Mark Forrester and Elliot Jay Stocks – whom all share one thing: their passion for WordPress. All of the themes available on WooThemes are 100% unique and you won’t find similar CMS solutions elsewhere for any other platform.

Just have a look at what they have available:

woo blog templates

And here are a few more from same guys:

woo web design

Woo Web Design group provides you with a similar pricing structure as other guys but with one twist:

  • Single Use license at $70 gives you just that – single use of the theme you purchase
  • Developer Licenses at $150
  • Woo Themes Club at $150 for 3 month will give subscribers access to all of our unique themes

One again – you have to see it for yourself to make any decisions! Demo and Purchase Here

Web Design for WordPress continues to grow in popularity and more and more lucrative wp themes become available but when you are evaluating – be sure to know what blog templates most appropriate for your blog!

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29 Responses to “Blog Templates For WordPress Review”

  1. Just want to post about my new and free wordpress theme (web2.0). I saw over 1200+ downloads in just one week..

    I hope readers will find it useful.


    DeepAroras last blog post..Success Bootcamp – Lesson 1

  2. Semiologic Pro is also a great premium theme. I have been using it for a couple of years now and love all of the included custom plugins. The only problem with it right now are the “skins”- the outward appearance options don’t offer a more current “magazine” style.

    Louises last blog post..Layered Cold Crab Dip Appetizer Recipe

  3. I just installed a free theme, which I am still working on to update. I went to a free theme for two reasons, first to get all the technical stuff done to make the update smooth. the second reason is the sheer number of premium themes let me confused. You are article has helped and I will look at the premium upgrade in a couple of months.

    Thanks for the help.


  4. Hmmm. Now you’ve gone and made my life difficult, Alex. I was just going to go with Brian’s Revolution package and now I find all these other possibilities. Gadzooks!

    Anyway, I hope to be opening the whole WordPress Pandora’s box in the next couple of months when a payment I’ve been waiting on arrives. Until then, I’m stuck on Blogger.

    Andrew Goulding

    Andrew Gouldings last blog post..Xango Overdrive: Announcing The November Salt Lake Convention

    • TheSpot-er says:


      Brian’s themes (Revolution or Essence) are an excellent choice! I own all of them with developer license and I can vouch for super high quality of the work behind them. You simply can’t go wrong by using his themes, whichever one fits you best :-)

      Think of it this way – whyen you are ready to purchase, he will probably have another theme available and you will have more choices :-)

  5. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I’m considering selling one, perhaps two of my blogs but I think I’d get a much better price if they had that funky Revolution look.

    Andrew Goulding

    Andrew Gouldings last blog post..Xango Overdrive: Announcing The November Salt Lake Convention

  6. I’m surprised you haven’t listed the Thesis Theme by Chris Pearson over at DIY Themes. (FYI Chris designed Cutline, one of the most popular WordPress themes ever)

    It has a classic look. He has included a design options panel which is awesome.
    It goes a long way from having to do ‘under the hood’ customizations’
    I wouldn’t be surprised if WordPress incorporated this idea into a future release. It’s that cool.

    SEO is already built in.

    He also has a support forum that goes with the theme. Brian Gardner is the only other one who does this

    It’s worth a look

    • TheSpotter says:


      It is not included because I don't like it. Nothing more – nothing less

      • When you first made this reply last October, I let it go figuring it was just a matter of taste because vanilla Thesis has a certain look and feel.

        However, Thesis has evolved and emerged as much more than just a theme. It is really more like a framework. I recently took over management of There are 250+ customizations on display there, and truly, some are impossible to tell if they are Thesis.
        I daresay that every theme you recommended above could be skinned in Thesis, even Brian Gardner’s and Solotstreams offerings. I’ve seen ’em.

        What’s most amazing is all the customization happens in just two side files, core files are never touched.

        btw… I have your affiliate link over at the Thesis Gallery on the main page. You should check it out

  7. Jason Cohen says:

    What are your thoughts on themes inserting links in the theme? I heard that some authors will add links back to their site or other sites and google search engines do not like this because it appears to be spam.


    • TheSpotter says:


      It is really up to you. Its part of the deal – you get theme, designers get link. When you are looking at commercial theme – you can purchase developer (more expensive) license that actually permits you to remove the developer link. So option is there if you are willing to pay for it.

      • Jason Cohen says:

        Thanks for the response. So for example, I just bought the omni theme and what you are saying is that the $79 omni theme has a link in it and I can not remove it?

        If that is the case I heard that google really looks down on this and could punish my website.


  8. Rocque says:

    I still enjoy looking at all the themes. I have not gone premium yet. I got some free themes from Daniel Sorocco, and might use one of them on my site. However the premiums are very tempting. I need more space for running some ads for services that go along with my posts.
    I love the ithemes, and have seen some great blogs that use them. I just spend a lot of time looking at the Studio Press blogs, and they are definitely looking like they are well thought out. I like the way they have links to categories in the header. That really interests me. Ease of navigation is really important to me.
    Thanks for all the time you put into this post. It is an older one but still highly relevant.

  9. VijayRajesh says:

    Nice review on commercial themes. While some of them are priced heavy, People find them useful as they believe they are good in SEO. I prefer Thesis theme.

    Even with elegantthemes , if followed in right direction, they can also be modified or tweaked as better SEOed templates or themes.
    .-= VijayRajesh´s last blog ..Style Mix Folio – WP Theme =-.

  10. Actually, Woo themes has a Standard Package and Developer package. The only difference between the 2 is that in the Standard, you don’t get the photoshop files and in Standard you get a choice of 2 themes for the price of one and Developer you get the photoshop files and 3 choices of theme for the price of one. Unlimited concurrent domain usage for both versions. They also have the subscription option.

    I don’t work for them, just a happy user. :-)
    .-= Leslie Nicole´s last blog ..Is Your Site Hurting Your Art? =-.

  11. Fernando says:

    I really love Woo Themes, specialy when someone convert it to Blogger. In my opnion “Compositio” is the best Blogger Template ever made.

  12. Whitney says:

    These are such great wordpress themes, thanks so much for posting, I can't wait to see more!

  13. Great collection, and the popularity in blogs will make wordpress design even more valuable. Feel free to check out our free wordpress designs here:


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