In recent years, blogs have become a popular way for people to share their interests and lives with others; whether they feel like sharing what they had for lunch or reviewing a movie they just watched, there is sure to be an audience who reads it. But a blog is more than just words. In order to truly be successful, the blog should also practice good design.

Consistency is something that cannot be dismissed. If the blogger has chosen to go with a certain font for the text, then they should not change it from entry to entry. Not only does this appear unattractive, but should the blog be for a company, it can show lack of professionalism.

Good Navigation
It should be easy for any visitor to navigate their way through the blog. Although dipping into one’s creativity and imagination is never a bad thing, if nobody can figure out where the links are that spells trouble. Everything should be clear and obvious about their location.

There is little reason to be afraid of white space; this refers to the extra space that is not being used in some way by the blog. It does not need to be filled up with content. In fact, too much content can overwhelm a person, no matter who they are. With pictures and text all over the place, the eye will not know where to go. Keeping everything in one area, while leaving the extra space alone, conveys style, thoughtfulness and professionalism.

A blog should be more than something that is pretty to look at. No matter what layout one may go with, it is important to think about why somebody would go there; and with that in mind, it should be easy for them to find what they want. Keeping in mind the previous principle of keeping the blog navigation friendly, it is also essential to understand the habits of the visitors. Where would they want to go first? What might they be looking for? Adding a search engine, if possible, is one solution for the idea.

Avoid Noise
Music should never begin to play as soon as people click on the link to the blog. Not only does it prove to be distracting, but some people visit these sites in public places, and may not appreciate the sudden noise. If music is an absolute must, the blogger should make it so that the blog guest can activate it themselves.

Nobody should be forced to read a message or watch a video before they can truly access the front page of the blog. Unless for an emergency that one does not want people to miss, this is seen as obnoxious and a waste of time for many. If this is done, people will quickly grow impatient and choose to spend their time online somewhere else.

Avoid Distracting Images
Animated images are not something that should be included in the layout of the blog; whether wishing to use one or a dozen, whether they are big or small, these can prove to be distracting and thus are not encouraged.

Anyone who comes by should be allowed to comment on blog entries. This may seem like something that should be standard, but some blog owners opt to keep people from sharing their opinions. If one wants to maintain attractive blog design and help others feel included, comment enabling is something to consider.

Reliable Hosting
Finally, a web hosting site that will provide reliable hosting for the blog should be chosen. There are many cheap web hosting sites out there to fit any budget, and there will be little need to worry that the blog will experience a lot of down time.

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Rebecca Wright has a knack for details on website hosting and anything about it. She works full time as a Senior Web Copywriter for one of the country’s leading provider of web hosting reviews.