You must optimize your website for mobile use in keeping with the direction the world is going. Web design is guided by what the public wants to see, and you must turn to mobile site optimization if you want to be seen in the digital world. There are drawbacks to ignoring this advice, and you may see your business suffer when mobile users cannot reach you.

#1: The Google Algorithm

The new Google algorithm for 2015 is taking mobile accessibility into account. Google results did not change based on the devices that were searched, but Google has decided that sites with mobile capabilities will get priority over sites that are not friendly to mobile devices. The biggest search engine in the world is changing the game to mobile before your very eyes. For SEO services Omaha Nebraska has many to choose from but few as good as Ebb and Flow.

#2: SEO Changes

You must make your site easy to read on mobile phones and tablets, and a WordPress for mobile plugin will help your site look correct on a mobile browser. You may not want to make a change to your site so suddenly, but you must make your site easier to read for the people who come to visit you every day. You will lose customers after they find you on a search engine because they will not be able to read the site.

#3: Design Changes

A WordPress theme for mobile phones and tablets will help users read your site just as they would on their computer. Your theme was chosen for its beauty and impact, but you will lose that impact when you are not optimizing for your mobile customers. You should not turn your website upside down, but you should use a theme that is made for mobile viewing. Your readers on PCs will not suffer with these new themes, but you will find more readers who can read on their phones or tablets.

#4: Your Website Builder

You must change to a new version of a website builder that will help optimize your site for mobile use. You are not sacrificing the look of your PC site, but you are creating a site that flexes to the needs of the customer. New website builders use technology that is responsive to what the user needs. Responsive sites will change based on the input from the browser that accesses them, and users will get the same experience regardless of the browser they use.

#5: Your Ads

The ads you have placed on your site are impossible to see and click when you have not made changes for mobile use. Mobile users will provide you with zero ad income when they cannot see your ads, and your changes to the site will help increase ad revenue. You are expecting money to come in from ads, and it is senseless to throw that money away with poor web design.

Your website must be optimized for mobile use to accommodate the change in the times. The changes you make to your site will appease Google and their new algorithm, and you will help keep your customers happy when they read on mobile browsers. Never assume that customers will stick around when your site is hard to read on a handheld device.