Perhaps it will not be a huge discovery to anyone using WordPress for while but if it helps even one single person I will consider my mission accomplished.

Videos add great value and interaction to your Web 2.0 blog but it might not be as easy as I have discovered yesterday. New version of [tag-tec]Wordpress[/tag-tec] includes 2 tabs in create new post or page area with one of them being the “Code” tab. Youtube provides you with a complete html code to embed it on your site and to me it seemed like logical step to simply click on Code tab, add the html for video and then save post.

As I have discovered yesterday – it don’t work that way. So here is a simple 2-steps process to add [tag-tec]Youtube[/tag-tec] [tag-tec]video[/tag-tec] to your WordPress blog.

By default WordPress enables visual editor for every user to make writing and posting to your blog as simple and painless as possible. Addition of “Code” tab made it also very easy to paste html code into your post or new page and have additional customization if you so desire. But that doesn’t work with embedding videos. If you would like to add video you will have to follow this simple process and then revert it to normal when done.

This process assumes that you are trying to add video to Already existing post or page. If you don’t have it yet, create your content, do all the formatting as you want to appear but don’t publish it yet. Basically set everything to the point where the only thing that is left – add video to a location in post you have defined.

Step 1. Disable Visual Editor on your user profile.

This one is required if you want to add videos as I have learned but it’s a simple process. Open your WP-Admin and then go to Users –> Your Profile (Step 1 in picture below). Simply remove check mark from “Use the visual editor …” (Step 2) and then click Update Profile (Step 3). Now you are done and ready to embed video into your post.


Step 2. Embed The Youtube Video into post or page.

Once you have disabled visual editor in your profile got to Manage menu in WP-Admin and choose “edit” for the post that video goes into. Your post will appear without visual editor, just like you see in picture below. Simply add yourtube video code (Step 1) and then Save (Step 2) your post. If post hasn’t been published yet – your option might be publish instead of save.


Once all steps completed and your post published simply return to your profile and re-enable visual editor. Please remember you will have to disable it every time you decide to edit content with embedded video. So there you have it – 2 simple steps to add youtube video to your [tag-tec]web 2.0[/tag-tec] WordPress blog.

And when you are ready to take it to next level and making a really copy/paste process that helps you dominate search engines, have a look at Video Utility Poster!

Video Utility Poster