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15 Ways To Improve Your Website In 15 Minutes

Does your website need a makeover? These tips can help you get it in optimal working order in no time.

Organize Navigation

If visitors don’t have a quick, easy way to find what they’re looking for when they come to your site, they’re not going to stick around. Make sure they can navigate with a minimum of hassle.

Fix Your Links

Good navigation is useless if the links don’t lead where they’re supposed to. Every time you update or add a link, test it to make sure it behaves the way it should.

Fix or Add Page Titles

Website pages have content, so make sure the heading in the browser title bar reflects that. Don’t leave your homepage titled simply “Hompage;” put your site or business name there instead.

Clean Up the Header

A cluttered or jumbled header can turn visitors off before they even glance at the rest of the site. Streamline your header text and images in order to make the best first impression possible.

Cut Down on Graphics

The days of using animated GIFs to catch people’s attention are over. Simplify your site by removing unnecessary graphics and images. This will give the site a cleaner look and allow for faster loading on slower connections.

Consolidate Information

People who browse the Internet tend to skim rather than read. Organizing your site’s information into shorter paragraphs and bulleted lists under bold headers assures that visitors won’t miss something important.

Consider Columns

Many sites now use column layouts to divide site content and navigation links. These layouts look cleaner and are easier to browse than straight pages of text.

Switch to Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) offer much more in the way of style customization than HTML. With CSS you can make small tweaks or site-wide style changes from one place rather than having to individually update each page.

Add a Bio

First-time visitors may not know who you are or what your site is about, especially if they navigated in from a search engine. Having a prominent “About Us” page gives them a quick way to find out if your site has what they’re looking for.

Add a Contact Form

Providing only your e-mail address is an invitation for spam. A formal contact form gives visitors an easy way to get in touch with you. Your web hosting service may offer a form building tool to make this easier.

Add an FAQ

To make sure visitors don’t inundate your e-mail with common questions, add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to address the most likely concerns that may pop up while browsing your site.

Update Your Blog

New blog posts are the fastest way to add dynamic content to your site, which in turn can signal search engine robots to crawl it. This works to improve visibility and draw new people to your site.

Assure Security

When selling merchandise or offering any kind of members-only services, make sure that your security certificate is up-to-date. An expired certificate can turn away potential customers.

Check Your Work

After making any changes, it’s important to do a test view of your site in common browsers and at common screen resolutions, since these can affect how your site displays to visitors. Free web developer tools are available to help with this step.

Assure Hosting Reliability

In order for people to see your site, it needs to be up and running as much as possible. Make sure you have reliable web hosting with enough bandwidth to support maximum uptime for the size and type of site that you run. Check out some web hosting comparison to be sure that you are getting quality service.

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Rebecca Wright has a knack for details on web hosting and anything about it. She works full time for one of the country’s provider of best web hosting for small business.

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11 Responses to “15 Ways To Improve Your Website In 15 Minutes”

  1. Vince says:

    Yes…. but I just don't get why google made it that way.

  2. Tony Vogel says:

    Good article.
    The web design must also include a feedback section for users to tell what they desire.

  3. Danny says:

    Excellent tips! Something like a cheat sheet for designers, bloggers and seo peoples. I would add to this list "Add social networks buttons".

  4. ogiogi says:

    Great tps,
    thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. @DesignLab10 says:

    Great post. I am really noticing a difference, within the last 6 months even, of how my clients want me to approach their sites. Things are definitely moving in the right direction (no more GIFs!) and more viral marketing.
    My recent post Design Lab 10 Signs Great Seacoast Homes for Website Redesign

  6. Rob McCance says:

    Good list. Already have them all covered.

    How would you NOT have a CSS ?

    Those days are long gone, right?
    My recent post Atlanta’s Business Environment

  7. Jenna says:

    Hi Rebecca. So basically, yeah, it's not a secret, fast loading pages are very good for SEO. Matt Cutts himself assure that point. PSD to HTML coder has an important role in reducing page size and making a website more accessible. Here my list of tips (You can add some to your article):

    – Minimize HTTP Requests
    – Use css sprite
    – Enable Gzip
    – Minify Javascript/CSS
    – Use External Javascript/CSS
    – Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header
    – Reduce DNS Lookups
    – Remove Duplicate Scripts
    – Make favicon.ico Small and Cacheable
    – Avoid URL Redirects
    – Avoid using frames
    – Avoid using flash
    – Reduce Cookie Size

  8. Kirsty says:

    Wonderful list. This 15 ways of improving website in fifteen minutes is a great list. I wanted to try this out right now and see the results. I wanted to learn how to add contact form but I don't know what code to put so instead I place an email address 🙁
    My recent post Joomla Shopping Carts Worth Trying

  9. Anna says:

    CSS a little technical than the html old formats but with CSS you can make the Website Templates better and user friendly.The most important thing is to do everything with correct codes.Nice work


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