produc_group_small.jpgToday is a big day for me and many people who will take advantage of my brand new product Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed. While I have had a few small releases, this product is biggest one for me and quite frankly I’m a bit nervous. Even though feedback from my Beta Testers (who helped me greatly improve final version) was surprisingly good, there always be a shadow of doubt …

What if I could make it better? What if I could provide more? Questions like this among the few that cross my mind. I have worked hard and placed much of my knowledge and experience as Webmaster, customer support skills as tech support specialist and acquired insights as Internet marketer to make this product truly accessible for everyone.

Unfortunately we all see plenty of products that don’t leave up to the hype and I’ve done everything in my power not to fall in that category. I even refused to accept testimonials from any of my marketing partners and only use feedback that came from beta testers on this blog. My goal was to create a system that is simple, effective and accessible for everyone: from established marketer who is short on time to a complete technical novice who never created a site in his life. How did I fair? Read feedback that represents wide range of experience and knowledge and make decision yourself.

What is Web 2.0 Wealth?

I don’t want to repeat my sales letter here but simply outline some key points:

  • Detailed guide on how to find a guaranteed profitable niche within your personal knowledge and experience or perhaps your hobby/interest.
  • Easy to follow video on how to find perfect domain name and my recommendation to host that is both cost effective and gives superb support.
  • Complete pre-packaged blog system with all the bells and whistles added to it (just like you see on this blog), tested for compatibility and multiple monetization options already integrated for you. Creating a true Web 2.0 WordPress blog now is as easy as uploading one file.
  • Step-by-Step video guide to install my pre-packaged WordPress blog. 2 of the beta testers were able to accomplish this reported to NEVER before having any site, much less ready to monetize blog.
  • Detailed video on proper configuration of all included plugins and all monetization options.
  • Video tutorial for US based PayPal customers to get paid in one week or less and for everyone else detailed video guide for other monetization options with examples.
  • All you need to know about writing your posts that are optimized for both your readers and Search Engines – all the SEO you need to know!
  • How to promote your blog and start seeing at least 100 targeted visitors from your very first post.
  • PDF guide with all important steps provided in form of checklists and all resources mentioned in videos conveniently available.
  • Plus much more and I don’t even mention the superb bonus videos and carefully selected bonus guides that add even more direct value to my system. But you will have to visit my sales page for these details.

Wowthat turned out to be a lot longer then I planned

I realize that what I have posted above might not be a complete answer and if my sales page didn’t provide that answer either – I will be more then happy to answer any question you might have. Simply use comments here and I’ll do my best to reply in timely manner!