After much work I’m ready to announce my new product – Web 2.0 Wealth, and I want to provide you with an opportunity to get into one of the 10 spots for beta testing. Participating in BETA testing will give you an entire product at no cost in exchange for some very small favors that I promise will not compromise your integrity. But first, let me explain what the product is and how you can benefit from it …

box_small.gifWeb 2.0 Wealth is a complete package that is designed to enable EVRYONE to build a complete Web 2.0 ready portal using WordPress and start earning from it within first week. I do not attempt to make statement that I will make you rich. What I do promise is to provide you with tools to do it with, complete video instructions on How you can accomplish it and make it simple enough that even complete technical newbie can get it done.

Some Details on What you will get:

  • Detailed guide on how to properly do a market research and identify a guaranteed income-generating niche within your personal knowledge or experience.
  • Video tutorials that guide you step-by-step through entire process of getting everything setup and make it working properly.
  • Pre-compiled WordPress with custom modified theme and all the plugins. Video tutorial details how to work with it and have it installed in few clicks and with no technical knowledge required.
  • Detailed strategy that will guarantee you get paid within first week and continue to generate reoccurring income later. No more waiting to see results – your payday is here!
  • Bonus videos detailing some Web 2.0 marketing and promotion techniques as well as few other critical tips.

What is expected from Beta Testers?

  • Provide me with detailed feedback on any issues encountered, if any.
  • Provide me with an honest testimonial after beta testing completed. I don’t expect hype here as I want to be able to use them on sales page and nothing beats honest feedback with real display of the system in action. Links to your site will be provided with testimonial (more exposure for you).

How to Qualify:

Since I’m opening a limited number of Beta tester slots I decided to put in some guidelines to qualify people. I want to be able to test the product but also give back the real value to participants and perhaps enable you to have a jump-start. So here are the qualifications:

  • You have to be able to start testing product the day you receive it.
  • You have to have a hosting account or willing to purchase it alone with domain name using guide I provide. I explain details but it does include separate expense, so please do not apply if you can’t do it right now.
  • You have to be able to communicate to me via email with details on any issues you encounter and possible suggestions to resolve them. I’m a technical person and while I have worked in technical service for over 3 years and used to explaining details in easy to understand form, sometimes I might take things for granted.
  • Beta testers group is not expected to be all techs, I actually prefer to have more complete non-technical people but will not restrict anyone’s participation based on that parameter. Anyone can become part of testing but I do require that you mention you level of technical knowledge.
  • PayPal is required. My strategy relies on you having PayPal account and while the blog system will work without it – first week earning directly depend on it.

And now the fun part. I will be choosing beta testers from comments on this post. If you feel you want to participate – simply give me YOUR best reasons. I will be providing testers with a complete product now and any changes made for absolutely free but I want to be sure that people will benefit the most from it. Each tester will also get exposure to his new blog from my sales page, when it launches (can you see the traffic potential?)

So go ahead, leave you comment and let me know why you should be one of the 10(15 now)people to get free product and traffic in exchange for feedback and an honest testimonial.

Beta Testers Group Chosen

I have to say that it was a hard to choose from so many great replies and while I have chosen people guided by comments below I have also used a simple determination – I tried to pick for each category people who would benefit from my product.

I know that no everyone will agree with my choice but I promise to work out something interesting to all members of my pre-launch list to ensure that you get to benefit for showing a trust and providing me with your email.

So here is the Beta Group, who I’ll be contacting shortly with details for download:

  • David Chin
  • Frank Arriola
  • Ken
  • Gail
  • Joe Justin
  • Darryl E. Pugh, Sr.
  • Rangoo
  • Fendi
  • Joyce Leong
  • Kelley Brown
  • jim
  • Janie gettle
  • Kathleen Gresham
  • AC Hill
  • Denny Tryon

I’ll be using email provided in comment. If you find yourself on this list and didn’t get email from me – use a feedback form on Contact page. Once again – Thanks to everyone for participation and more new to come!