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Web 2.0 Bloger – What You Must Know To Succeed

There are many information articles written about bloggin. [tag-tec]Web 20[/tag-tec] bloger is simply a person staying abreast with latest developments but you still have to cover your basics.

In my browsing I have discovered a great resource I simply had to share with you. Every project begins with covering all basics and getting your success build upon it. There are many key things you have to cover and this great post I have found gives you links to 16 articles you must read to become successful.

So take your time and read them – your time investment will be greatly rewarded.

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  1. Good Morning Alex,

    Great Blog (found you from FTR). I’ve added you to my fav’s and to my reader. I’ll be checking back!!

    Make it a great week!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Heather!

    Appreciate the visit and nice comment.