Great minds think alike – this phrase is often underrated but more and more I find it to be true and spotting the specific moments when great minds come to similar conclusion and fully taking advantage of it has proven to be crucial to my personal success.

And let me explain exactly what I mean but in order to accomplish that we will have to rewind the time back to beginning of this year …

Jack Humphrey releases his Authority Blackbook, the most complete and one of the most comprehensive guides to using WordPress and Web 2.0 strategies to generate traffic, profit from this traffic and position yourself to become Authority in your field.

Less then 2 month later John Reese comes out with his own “Rebirth Of Internet Marketing” report in which he paints a rather bleak future for majority of the online marketers AND then he moves right into discussion on how to get ahead of the crowd and ensure that you don’t become one of the people destined to fail. Want to try guessing what entrepreneurs will succeed in his opinion? Marketers that manage to become Authority in their respective field.

Do you see the crossing of the ideas from a totally different people? They come from different background but still arrive to same conclusion … Does it makes you wonder why?

Now, let’s fast forward to current day.

  • Just a few days ago Jack Humphrey and Howie Schwartz release a free report the named “Bend The Web”. And don’t let the price tag stop you from downloading it. It is a totally new concept of achieving the Authority status via “Controlling the Conversation”. But the approach they take to accomplish this rather difficult task is completely different from anything you have ever heard before or anything you might have learned. They actually advise to promote sites the reference yours – actively help people that share link love with you to control conversation. If you haven’t read the report yet, get it now.
  • You would think that concept this novel simply can’t possibly come into mind of someone else … or could it? John Reese just yesterday comes out with his BlogRush. First service of his much anticipated network that is already spreading through blogs like a wildfire. And guess what? While he never states it anywhere the central concept of the network is almost identical to one outlined by Jack and Howie. You place a widget on your blog with other people’s latest articles – you promote them in order to get your own link displayed on other people blogs. More you share the link love – more free traffic you get. Join the BlogRush network now and start generating traffic to your blog.

And while the two concepts are still very different they share at least one central concept – give in order to receive. Blogs are perfect vehicle to market and spread your ideas and using strategies outlined by Jack Humphrey and John Reese you can do it not only more efficiently but also with a lot higher returns.

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