Headlines you write for your [tag-tec]blog[/tag-tec] greatly determine success of your articles, number of views and the Viral Effect that delivers targeted traffic to your blog. So much have already been said on this topic that I choose not to go into details right at this point but share a little tool with you, I have just discovered myself.

What is so great about this tool? It’s FREE and it uses some proprietary algorithms to determine Emotional Value of your headline, which is so important to Viral Targeted Traffic for any web 2.0 blog. See small screenshot below for the evaluation of headline for this particular Article:


Pretty nice – isn’t it? I’d like to think so. And let me explain why I think this tool is so great – and no, it’s not because my copyrighting skill in creating this particular headline got such a high score 🙂

Headline is perhaps the one, most important aspect of your article whether you write for [tag-tec]SEO[/tag-tec] or for people, although I do hope you write for both. They are not mutually exclusive. Even in title of this article there are keywords – see if you can spot them. If you are truly moving into Web 2.0 blogosphere – your title should be written for people first and for search engines if possible.

Since starting this blog I have discovered love from search engine and surprisingly found my site in number 3 position in Google results for “WordPress web 2.0 theme” keywords, when used without quotes (broad match) but most of my traffic still comes from social sites. [tag-tec]Web 2.0[/tag-tec] is all about communities and interaction between people and targeting right audience with your headline is absolutely crucial.

And this is where this tool comes in extremely handy from my point of view. It lets you tweak your headline until you are completely satisfied with it and absolutely sure that it will appeal to right viewers. And just to prove my point – here is full headline analysis for this article – “Write Blog Headlines To Explode Article Views And Create Stampede Of Targeted Traffic” :


I do my best to write my information to appeal to every group and finding that balance is an awesome feeling. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and write your own headline that will explode your blog views and create a stampede of targeted traffic!