BUM Marketing method spread like a virus in the beginning of this year and popularized Article marketing, bringing it to the masses. Many people have gotten their first taste of success using the methods described in the system not only because it was simple but also because it was COMPREHENSIVE and ACHIEVABLE.

Two major ingredients that make up successful product and when you add to it excellent price (FREE) – it made for an irresistible value. But what does this strategy has to do with blogging? Actually quite a bit and I personally think that anyone is not familiar with the method should check it out. But here I want to outline WHY you should do it …

Long Tale Keywords Targeting

This is the core idea for Article marketing – you locate and target long tale keywords that your future readers use to find information. Then you submit Articles optimized for these specific keywords to article directories that perform well in search engine rankings. Within a short time your properly optimized article appears in Top Results in search engine.

Why is this important to your blog?

Getting readers to your blog is just as important as generating sales (as described in BUM marketing). Traffic is an absolute MUST HAVE for your blog if you would like to be successful. Idea shared within BUM method can be easily ported to creating posts on your blog. The major difference will be that you write that highly optimized article and post to your blog. Drive the free targeted search engine traffic by implementing a few strategies – isn’t it worth the effort?

Best of Both Worlds

But just because you blog – doesn’t mean you should ignore the more traditional Article marketing. Writing and submitting articles to directories that rank well in Google should be integral part of your blogging effort as it helps you to accomplish several goals:

  1. Establish yourself as an authority speaker in your chosen niche
  2. Get quality backlinks to your blog using About Author section – better PR, more traffic to your blog.
  3. Drive quality traffic from article directories to your blog.

These are just few of the major points on why you should do the article marketing besides writing to your own blog and while there many other I’m not going to repeat what is already been said by many others. Instead I want to talk about …

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Effort

Here is one tip I have found to be effective in Article Marketing and blog combination. In this step I simply assume that main goal of your article publishing is to drive traffic to your blog and then lead the people to your personal Most Desired Action.

Write a 2 parts article.

Yep, that is it. Idea here is simple …. You write an article that could be split into 2 parts and use part one to publish on Article Directories. Use the About Author field to let the readers know that second part of the article can be read on your blog and provide a direct link to it.

Using this tactic allows you to build a rank for your internal blog pages and as result contributing to overall ranking of your blog and helps you avoid penalties for duplicate content or to be more precise – not original content. You can keep part 2 unique to your blog while submitting part one to multiple article directories.

If you article is engaging enough people will follow the link to read the rest of the story and here is an additional benefit. Blogs that build their content on articles from multiple directories will help you achieve your goals! If you article is good and targeted to right readers – your article will be picked up by those blogs and deliver to you more traffic and more links.

Need more tips and resources?

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