Sometimes it is quite interesting what your stats will reveal, although not unexpected. I don’t spend a dime on any marketing or advertising and rely on Web 2.0 sites as one of the sources of my traffic although Search Engines and links from other blogs play just as important role. But still, according to Google Analytics traffic from Referring Sites accounts for 56.73% of my traffic for a period of last couple weeks.

And guess what sites generate the most traffic?! If you thought social network you would be correct. Here is screenshot that displays top 10 direct referrers during that period (note: I did black out sites that are not social bookmarking sites and part of different strategy):


As you can see StumbleUpon comes as a clear winner and these stats reflect unique visitors, not page displays. And majority of these visitors, according to same stats view more then just one page and I hope subscribe to my RSS feed. I would say not too bad for a very small effort, which bring me to the next point – traffic aggregation.

I have just finished reading about StumbleUpon Exchange project on one of the blogs I visit on regular bases – Home with Heather. Although it sounds like an interesting idea I have decided not to participate in the project as a whole for one simple reason – I don’t want to feel obligated to fave a blog or add a person, which I might not under normal circumstances. Although this is not the case with Heather 🙂 I still decided to avoid this ride and do something a bit different.

So here is the deal:

  1. If you decide that any post or page on my blog is something that you would normally fave with SU – please do so and I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Leave a comment on this post, if you faved me and please provide a link to YOUR best post. I will visit and if I do like it – I’ll Stumble it in return. Although I’ll be honest and say that I will fave only posts or blogs that I actually like.
  3. Even if you didn’t like my posts or blog – do leave a comment with a link to your best post and I’ll make sure to visit it and if like it – Stumble it.
  4. If you also feel like it – add me to your friends, my handle on SU – freesecrets. I’ll make sure to return the favor.

I think it’s a fair deal and avoids gaming the system, as only really good posts will be stumbled and this post will actually become a resource in itself by presenting a collection of links to great posts. And it’s all voluntarily and without any obligation, perhaps other people will find your post likable and fave it as well providing some targeted traffic to your blog.

Don’t know what posts to look at on my blog? Have a look on sidebar – my most popular posts presented on “What Others Are reading” widgets.